• Sep 04

    All White Everything

    September 4, 2014 • 10:00 am

    I have been LOVING the white hot trend this season, and just because September is here...doesn't mean we can't continue the trend!!! Sharing a few of my FAVS...most of which happen to be from one of my favourite stores...TOPSHOP!!!!

    Top via TopShop (similar) | Cardigan via Urban Outfitters (similar) | Jeans via Paige Denim | Shoes via Nine West



    Smart Backpack via TopShop | Golden Heels via TopShop | Crossbody via Rebecca Minkoff | Scallop Tee via TopShop | Lace Top via TopShop | Lace Stipe Sweatshirt via TopShop | Scuba Midi Skirt via TopShop | Skinny Jeans via Frame Denim | Wool Blend Swing Coat via TopShop 



    Happy shopping loves!!!!



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  • Sep 03

    Kaylee's Wish Come True: Part 2

    September 3, 2014 • 10:00 am

    Last week, I took you for a tour of my Make-A-Wish project - Kaylee's dorm transformation!!! We received SOOO much support and help from so many companies and people  - the love was overwhelming! Today I'm showcasing a few goodies from the swag bags that we created for Kaylee and her roommates!!!!!

    HUGE thank you to the lovely ladies who helped make these swag bags the best they could possibly be for Kaylee and her roommates!!!!!

    Statement Jewelry: BaubleBar

    Everyday Jewelry: Olive + Piper

    Clutches: Davie & Chiyo

    Clothing: Privilege Clothing

    Jeans: Paige Denim

    Makeup: Smashbox Cosmetics

    Makeup + Clothing: Joe Fresh

    Nail Polish: Joe Fresh + lacc beauty

    Desk Accessories: SHOPbyMonika

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!



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  • Sep 02

    Bachelor In Paradise: Episode 6

    September 2, 2014 • 10:00 am

    Wow I have to say...tonight's episode was a lot of fun to watch, I really enjoyed it!!!!! We are a week away from the end, and so far...quite a few couples have been falling for each other - so great to see!!!!!

    First off, my girl Michelle Money...I have MAD respect for the amazing person and friend you are! Your true, genuine characteristics are really showing, and I have absolutely LOVED watching you and seeing you happy!!! Thank you for standing up for girls all around the world tonight and convincing Christy to tell Jesse off ;)

    Since my season, I have no hard feelings with Jesse, but I was disappointed with his behaviour last night. Can you believe what he said in the car ride home?!?!? I was shocked!!! He has proven how little he respects women, and it's pretty disgusting that he doesn't even see the harm in anything he does or says!!!!

    The connections between everyone are becoming so real and are developing so fast! I think everything is working out for so many because there are SOO many genuine, amazing guys in paradise that it's so hard NOT to fall for them! All of the men that are left...Graham, Marcus, Zack, Tasos, Cody and Robert have all shown that they know how to make their women feel special, appreciated, and genuinely cared for. I hope to see how the women really feel about the men next week, because not all of them have opened up yet! 

    Will the connections will be able to survive next week's twist and reality once they leave paradise! What do you think will happen next week?!?!




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  • Sep 01

    Holiday Blues

    September 1, 2014 • 10:00 am

    Happy holiday Monday everyone....and oh my goodness happy SEPTEMBERRR!!!! It's that time of year...end of summer and back to school and work for many! Sharing some work-appropriate inspo with all of you today to turn those frowns upside down!!!! I'm absolutely loving this look and can't get enough of this colour!!!

    Dress via Aritzia (similar) | Necklace via T&J Designs | Shoes via Sole Society | Purse via Roots for eluxe (similar) | iPhone Case via Kate Spade | Watch via Michael Kors | Nail Polish (similar)



    I hope all of you have had an AMAZING summer and an awesome long weekend!!!!! 



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  • Aug 29

    Food Friday: Tropsicles

    August 29, 2014 • 10:00 am

    It's ALMOST the end of summer, but luckily the heat is still going strong!!!! These Tropsicles are so so delicious and SO easy to make! Sooo creamy but still pretty good for you too!


    coconut yogurt (for bottom 1/4 of mold)
    half avocado
    1 banana 
    1cup of frozen pineapple 
    1 cup of coconut yogurt
    1 cup of coconut milk 


    1. Fill the bottom quarter of your popsicle molds with coconut yogurt. I use Island Farms but Oikos is good too! 

    2. In a mixer, blend the remaining ingredients, and pour over the coconut yogurt. Freeze and  enjoy!



    Have a great weekend loves!!!!!!



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  • Aug 28

    Kaylee's Wish Come True

    August 28, 2014 • 10:00 am

    When I was approached by the Make-A-Wish America to grant a very special wish for a very special girl, I was elated and SOOO excited to make her wish come true!! Kaylee Alvarado, a sweet beautiful girl from Washington State, has cystic fybrosis. Her one wish was to have her dorm decorated by yours truly, just in time for her first year at Boise State University!!! Thank you so much to ALL of our amazing partners in helping make this wish come true!! Kaylee loved EVERYTHING! Today I'm sharing the design transformation, and I'll be sharing more cute details and goodies from more amazing partners next week!

    HUGE thanks to Dana Valeria for helping me transform this space into something all of the roommates love!!! We're sharing a few before and after photos with you as well, so you can see the FULL transformation!!

    Sending out a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this wish so incredible!!!!

    First and foremost, thank you so much to Make-A-Wish America for coordinating this project with us, and thank you to Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington for coordinating everything with Kaylee and her family! Make-A-Wish Idaho, thank you for helping coordinate with Boise State and all of the local donors!

    Thank you to Boise State University for being so accommodating in helping us grant this wish! Housing and Residence Life, Division of Student Affairs, and Transportation and Parking Services played an integral part in this project, so thank you!

    Décor and Accessories: Wayfair, HomeGoods, The Cross Design, Lulu & Georgia

    Removable Wallpaper: Chasing Paper

    Prints: Minted, SS Print Shop

    Rugs: KORHANI

    Paris Photographs: Anna With Love

    Gold Foil Prints: I SEE NOISE, Kardz Kouture

    Throw Pillows: SOCIETY SOCIAL, Caitlin Wilson Textiles

    Paint: Sherwin Williams

    Painters: Adams Painting

    Cupcakes: Lily Jane’s Cupcakes

    Soda: The Soda Works

    Accommodations: Hotel 43

    Thank you!!!!!!



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