• Mar 15

    Wearing Nothing but a Rug...

    March 15, 2012 • 6:00 am

    I recently took a quick trip to Toronto for a few days, and got to attend the Korhani Home fashion show- a brilliant show where they took their tapestries and turned them into apparel for fashion week.

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  • Mar 14

    Wednesday Wonders

    March 14, 2012 • 6:00 am

    Happy hump day my friends! Since you’ve made it halfway through the week, I’m here to reward you with some Wednesday Wonders. Here are some of my favorite recent finds!

    Recipe to try- make this Shamrock Protein Milkshake for St. Paddy’s Day this Saturday:

    Organization inspiration:


     Favorite laugh:

    Clever idea- chilled, pre-made cocktails in mason jars:


    Hair inspiration:


    What’s your favorite laugh this week?! Let me know below, and if you have any funny videos or pictures to share leave the links in the comments!

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    Wednesday Wonders

    Photo sources: I Loved You Forever; Pinterest


  • Mar 13

    My Bachelor Recap: The Finale

    March 13, 2012 • 2:15 pm



    Wow, now that was crazy. Kind of. I mean most of you reading this very likely glanced at a copy or two of US Weekly in the past few weeks so I don’t think any of us were really THAT shocked to see Ben picked Courtney. Do I agree? Actually yes, because it's about who HE loves, not me, and it’s actually none of my damn business who he picks. Who do I like better? Well Lindzi of course, but I know she will be just fine, and so will Ben, and so will Courtney.

    I’m not saying I didn’t take my engagement seriously – anyone who knows me well knows that I took that relationship more seriously than anything in my entire life, and when it crashed and burned, so did I – it near destroyed me. But guess who’s alive and ticking and writing this blog? Me. And guess what- I’m fine! Whoooa crazy.  

    If Ben and Courtney make it – lovely – I think they will make beautiful, quirky babies and rub it in all our faces (rightfully so)!

    But if they don’t…. well they don’t. Just like how you and your fiancé broke up that time, or how your high school sweetheart let you go a moment too soon.  All those people that had you thinking THIS IS THE ONE, at one time in your life, have moved on (except for the very obnoxious few of you who married your high school sweetheart and are still madly in love…what the hell!)

    Anyways, my point is it was a good season. Ben chose the person he wanted to, and frankly, without Courtney all I really remember was Scotch the dog and Kacie B. So I think we owe Courtney a little applause for entertaining us every night. And for Pete’s sake give the poor girl a break.  

    Having said all of these very insightful things, here are a few more abrasive and catty observations….

    1. I majorly disliked Courtney’s dress. Grad 1998 called and wants its grad dress and gloves back. 

    2. I hope once Courtney gets comfy with Ben the baby voice goes away (mind you I’m not one to talk with my squealing, whiskey voice).

    3. I think I need to take Ben’s ma out for a few bevervages- get her to loosen up a bit (although I am sure she was stressed right out selecting her future daughter-in-law). I am very blessed to have a group of wild hooligans as a family - never a dull moment!

    4. I follow Ben on twitter, I don’t know him any more than you – and from what I’ve seen for myself he seems like a VERY cool and funny guy.  But on the show, not so much… And did I hear Courtney say he had depth? Please tell me this was edited out. Or maybe I missed something.

    5. Lastly, the tabloids. I HATE to say it, and I HATE rumors – but speaking from experience, if it smells like shit… there is probably shit. I’m feeling like they’re getting started on a VERY rough start. But guess what, no one is perfect, this show is friggen CRAZY and you lose sight of reality for a bit. Everyone screws up. Hopefully now that we are all done breathing down their backs they can reel themselves back in and give it a real go. I’ll be rooting from the sidelines.

    Leave me know your thoughts below!

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  • Mar 12

    Room of the Month: March

    March 12, 2012 • 6:00 am

    Making a new place feel like home can be a challenge- I know firsthand since I’m still in the process of sprucing up my new pad!

    Well, this month’s Room of the Month winner, Mary OMalley, had no problem making her new place as cute as can be!


    This room feels so warm and I love the mix of rustic and feminine elements- totally my style. I’m particularly into the dark wood and bold white accents- very fresh! Also, a bench is a great way to optimize your seating and create a fun, casual style.

    Well done Mary! Can I come over for margaritas soon?!

    What do you like best about Mary’s room? Leave a comment below!

    PS If you’d like to see your room featured as the Room of the Month, upload a photo to your JillianHarris.com profile and click submit!

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  • Mar 09

  • Mar 08

    My Spring Style Staples

    March 8, 2012 • 6:00 am

    Spring is here my loves- I can feel it in the air! Well, actually the air is still a bit nippy but ever since I’ve gotten back from sunny Hawaii I’ve been lusting after spring fashion like crazy. 

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