• Feb 08

    First Date Dos and Don'ts

    February 8, 2012 • 6:00 am

    Okay, so you creeped that guy’s Tingle profile for weeks and finally sent him a message, you had a great phone conversation and have agreed to meet. Things really clicked so you’re meeting at a restaurant for a lovely romantic dinner. Here’s how to navigate that evening successfully and maximize your enjoyment and amplify his interest!

    DON’T: Be late
    Guys are even more uncomfortable than women when left alone in a hopping restaurant. If you’re running behind send him a text message, and if you’re really behind schedule ask him what he’s wearing and then call the restaurant and have the bartender bring him a drink -- on you.

    DO: Pay him a compliment
    Want to get your date to relax and slide into normal conversation? Break the ice with a small tangential compliment. It doesn’t mean you’re going to marry the guy, and he won’t interpret it that way, but it will help calm the nerves for both of you, as you’re quite likely to receive a compliment in return.

    DON’T: Talk about a former relationship
    Much of our lives are lived during past relationships, and tempting though it might be to share interesting stories, now is not the time. Don’t allow a guy who you don’t even think of anymore to interfere in building something new with a guy you’re thinking about a lot.

    DO: Order a real meal
    Order something delicious to eat, using his meal order as a cue. Don’t just peck at an appetizer salad – he’ll think you’re hung up on food. Don’t take this as a license to go crazy, however, as he’ll think you’re taking advantage of his chivalry in paying for the meal. If you can’t eat everything on your plate, offer to share – it’ll create intimacy.

    DON’T: Play with your phone
    Just because you met using a mobile dating app doesn’t give you license to tweet and text and Facebook with your friends throughout the date. If his company alone isn’t enough to sustain your interest, why are you with him?

    DO: Be true to yourself
    There are plenty of fish in the sea, so share the real you with this person. Be self-effacing but not self-critical. And if you find yourself on a date or in a conversation that’s going nowhere, pull the plug and be honest. You owe it to him, too. Last week we gave you tips on how to dump a downer date so you can use one of these if appropriate.

    DON’T: Leave the table to go and smoke
    If he doesn’t smoke but you do, you’re in a tough spot. You can’t leave him sitting alone to go have a cigarette, so instead invite him to come with you and take your wine glasses to the patio. If he won’t come with you, then you’ll either be stocking up on nicotine patches or this thing isn’t likely to work out.

    DO: Have fun and relax
    Dating is fun! Chill out, find out about him, and encourage him to tell funny and embarrassing personal stories that you can laugh at together. You’re not there to administer a quiz or run his attributes against a checklist. Even if there’s no immediate love connection you can still have fun as long as you’re open to friendship – and why shouldn’t you be?

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  • Feb 07

    My Bachelor Recap: Episode 6

    February 7, 2012 • 2:45 pm

    Holy, what a freak show! Loincloths (which was awesome) tears (standard) and major awkwardness (the kind you have to look away from).

    Le sigh. I have such a girl crush on Kacie B! I mean I’ve been here before and I hate when people used to say this to me but I HOPE HE PICKS HER! If not then its totally cool because then she won’t be busy doing media after the show and that will make her much more available to be my friend.

    I was feeling bad for Kacie B and Ben on their date- roughing it out there, until we saw those overflowing flutes of champagne! Sign me up for a deserted island excursion if that’s on the agenda!

    Next up was the scandalous little group date with Ben lookin’ sassy in his loincloth… Ben Flajnik come on, tell us… what was underneath!??! A speedo? Nothing? I promise your secret is safe with me and all of my very trusty readers.

    Oh and Courtney’s bare boobs were also roaming free!

    Would you have gone all natural or do you think it’s just too much? I mean… I remember on Jason’s season when we had to make those molds of our boobs. I near wanted to die of embarrassment – lets just say they don’t call me Bee Stings for nothing. So would I go bare? Mmmm looking back, no. But now I’m proud of my little tarts (after all they haven’t changed since I got them back in ’93) but still … there are certain rules while going on national television – showing your bare tata’s is definitely in the top 3 no no’s – unless your on "Jersey Shore" of course.

    Once again, Courtney dominated Ben’s time and showed some super aggressive moves. She keeps asking why the other girls are making it easy on her… I think it’s because the other girls actually like each other and are trying to be respectful! I get it on both sides though, your time’s limited so you do have to go out of your comfort zone to an extent…

    I thought that this two-on-one date would be the height of awkwardness for the episode:

    …but then the Jamie mounting assault happened. Poor girl, that was SO awkward to watch. Her instruction guide was pretty intense- she must really want a do-over. In all my years watching the show (post my stint) there hasn't been much that has really shocked me … but this one got me (good job Fleiss!). I seriously slithered off the couch squealing for her.

    What did you guys think of Casey S’ farewell? I would feel for Casey S more if I wasn't so insanely jealous of that adorable romper- which, by the way, the Posessionista has told me is from Urban Outfitters… she’s like my persona clothing sniper. But seriously – I didn’t really get the drama with Casey.

    Tell me what you thought of last night’s episode below! Did you think it was right for Casey S to go home? Who are your favorites?

  • Feb 07

    Valentine's Day Giveaway

    February 7, 2012 • 6:00 am

    You guys know I’m a big fan of giveaways here on JillianHarris.com. I wish I could shower you with gifts and goodies every day of the week!

    Well, I’m excited to announce a FABULOUS giveaway I have in store for you today, to pamper you for Valentine’s Day!

    One lucky JillianHarris.com member will receive this adorable Valentine bag from Me + You:

    This tote is reusable and comes with a wood heart keychain inscribed with “don’t forget about me + you...” as a reminder to bring tour bag when shopping- the perfect eco-friendly style statement! You can purchase your own Valentine bag here and don’t forget to follow Me+ You on Twitter @iheartmeandyou and Facebook to keep up with their latest happenings!

    And I couldn’t let your bag go empty, so I’m also filling it up with some Valentine’s Day goodies, including:

    1. bliss fabulips treatment kit which takes care of your most important asset this Valentine’s Day: your lovely lips!

    Bliss gives some much needed TLC to your kisser with the only complete beauty regimen for your lips! The fabulips treatment kit cleans, exfoliates, plumps and softens your lips for a ‘spa’-tacular smooth every day- it’s a facial for your pout! You can get yours at bliss spas, blissworld.com, and Sephora!

    2. June Jacobs Citrus Bergamot Candle to set the mood this Valentine’s Day…

    Originally designed for use in professional spa settings for couples massages, the brand received such great feedback that they created it for in-home use. June knew she wanted a sensual scent to complement couples’ treatments, so she blended citrus, an aphrodisiac used to increase desire, with delicate notes of shea blossom, fragrant clover honey, pure vanilla, and smooth sandalwood create a relaxing environment to ease the body and mind. You can purchase your own candle at JuneJacobs.com.

    3. AHAVA Lavender Mineral Bath Salts to calm your nerves and relax you before your romantic evening…

    The scent of AHAVA’s Lavender Mineral Bath Salts works to soothe the senses and promote well-being. It’s 100% natural and packed with healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, the skin-energizing Dead Sea salt crystals help relax muscles and joints and keep skin soft, smooth and refreshingly hydrated. You can get your own Lavender Mineral Bath Salts at www.ahavaus.com.

    4. Judith Ripka necklace from SweepStreet to add major style to your celebration:

    This beauty is just one of many gorgeous pieces on SweepStreet.com, a great place to buy discount jewels this Valentine’s Day. SweepStreet.com has new inventory, replenished daily, from the best designer jewelry brands (think David Yurman, Marco Bicego, Roberto Coin, etc).

    5. Anthony Logistics for Men Body Cleansing Gels in Spice, which will keep your man smelling fresh and yummy!

    Romance and freshness collide with the deliciously scented tingle of this limited-edition body cleansing gel in Spice. This liquid soap revs up hormones with its warm scent, conditions the skin with Aloe Vera and Glycerin and moisturizes with Wheat Protein, making for a sizzling shower experience. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to prostate cancer research. You can also purchase these cleansing gels at Anthony.com.

    How great are all of these items? The perfect way to spice up your Valentine’s Day if you’re celebrating with your man- or celebrating your single self! ☺

    To enter to win the items above, leave me a comment below telling me about your worst OR your best Valentine’s day ever! I’ll announce the winner here on the site this Friday!

    Good luck! XO

    UPDATE: We have a winner! The lucky lady is... JENNIFER SMITH! Congratulations Jennifer and thank you to all for entering! XO 

    -This sweepstakes is open to all registered users of JillianHarris.com residing within the US and Canada.
    -You may only enter once. Multiple entries will not be considered.
    -No purchase necessary.
    -A winner will be chosen at random and notified via private message and email. If winner does not claim prize within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen.
    -Odds are dependent on the number of entrants. Any questions? Please contact the site admin.
    -Void where prohibited by law.

  • Feb 06

    Ask Jillian: Drinking on The Bachelorette

    February 6, 2012 • 6:00 am


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    “I noticed on some of your dates you seemed a bit tipsy (not judging, in fact, it made me like you even more), and I don't think it was ever blatantly obvious but I was wondering was there one episode where watching it back you thought ‘man, I drank a little too much that night’? I think back and the episode where I remember thinking you were drunk was the one in the snow (skiing, snow shoeing... memory is drawing blank) that made me giggle the most because I thought you were pretty tipsy.” -Jamie

    Yep. For sure. I mean I am no angel and I like to over-indulge just as much as the next single, fun-loving lady. I have no qualms about it. On the show there is extra pressure so it’s easy to reach into the cooler and grab another bottle of champagne. I don’t have any regrets however – and I would say HALF of those times it was a combination of being EXHAUSTED (sometimes I would only get an hour or two of sleep a day) with the stress…. So I guess we’ll never know which times I knocked a few too many back and which times I was just beat. Either way I am sure it was entertaining!

    Have a Bachelorette related question for me? Leave it below!

  • Feb 03

    Food Friday: Your Super Bowl Menu

    February 3, 2012 • 10:49 am

    It’s almost game time! Today’s recipes are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday because they’re easy, you can prepare ahead of time, and they require very little of your precious attention (I know, you’ve got commercials to watch!). I’ve also included all of the manly ingredients you could ask for: whiskey, beer and bacon!

    First up, for my foodie friends that appreciate the complex and pricey flavor of truffle, I’ve got a super indulgent Super Bowl treat for you! The ingredients should be illegal – but guess what, I checked and they’re not – so chow down!

    Truffle, Bacon and Parmesan Popcorn
    *This feeds a roomful, so you can cut the recipe in half if desired


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    1/2 cup of popcorn kernels (makes about 7 cups)
    1 pound of bacon, diced and precooked (drain oil and filter to remove sediment; set aside
    1/4 cup of oil for later)
    2 tablespoons of white truffle oil
    1 1/2 cups of finely grated parmesan
    1 teaspoon of salt (or to taste)


    1. Cook popcorn (as instructed) till light and fluffy
    2. In a small bowl, mix bacon oil and truffle oil well
    3. Toss popcorn in bacon truffle mixture
    4. Add fresh bacon bits and parmesan
    5. Toss & enjoy!

    * the flavor profile is already pretty intense but if you want to beef it up, add a few sprigs of finely chopped rosemary.

    Next up is our SOUPER bowl Ale Cheddar Soup. This is pretty basic so don’t overthink it- you should be enjoying yourself, not thinking about the food!

    Ale Cheddar Soup

    1 bottle of ale (I used hop head ale)
    1 leek, chopped (leave green end out)
    1/2 onion, chopped
    4 celery sticks, chopped
    1 carrot, chopped
    1 garlic clove, chopped
    1 cup of half and half cream
    2 cups of grated sharp cheddar cheese
    2 cups of chicken stock
    1 tablespoons Worchester
    2 tablespoons flour
    Salt & Pepper
    Fresh bacon bits (optional)


    1. Melt butter in heavy sauce pan
    2. Add celery, leek, carrots, onion and clove and cook on medium until onions are translucent- do not burn or brown
    3. Add beer, simmer for 5 minutes
    4. Add 1 and 3/4 cups of chicken stock, simmer for 5 minutes
    5. With a handheld mixer, blend mixture until creamy and smooth
    6. In a separate container, mix remaining chicken stock (1/4 cup) with flour until there are no lumps
    7. Add to soup and stir until soup starts to thicken
    8. Add cream, Worchester and cheese and allow to simmer for an additional 5 minutes and serve with a dollop of cheese, a cold beer and bacon bits if you like

    And to top it off:

    Cheese Stuffed Whiskey Meatloaf Sliders

    1/2 yellow onion, finely diced
    1 1/2 pounds of lean ground chuck
    2 eggs
    1 teaspoon Worcester
    1 cup bread crumbs
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 pack of Knorr Beef Bouillon

    1/4 cup of ketchup
    1/4 cup of whiskey
    1/4 cup of tomato sauce
    1 teaspoon of Worcester
    3 tablespoons of Bulls Eye BBQ sauce
    1 tablespoon of honey
    Sharp white cheddar, cubed (make about a dozen, approximately 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch)


    1. Preheat oven to 400
    2. In a big bowl mix all sauce ingredients well
    3. In a separate bowl mix all meatloaf ingredients well
    4. Add half of the sauce into meatloaf mixture and mix well
    5. Place a small handful of meatloaf mixture into hand, place one cheese cube into middle – roll into ball
    6. Place into mini cupcake tin
    7. Repeat until all ingredients are used
    8. Bake at 400 until mixture is medium rare
    9. Pour remaining sauce on top of mini meatloaf – bake for another 10-12 until sauce is a golden brown
    10. Remove from oven, let cool for 10 minutes… serve!

    Bon appetit and happy game day my friends! Where are you watching the game?!

  • Feb 02

    Room of the Month: February

    February 2, 2012 • 6:00 am

    Once again, the amazing JillianHarris.com community wowed me with the amazing Room of the Month submissions! This month’s winner is a room decorated by one very talented lady- Lesley Lebel. Lesley submitted pictures of her daughter’s loft that she decorated and I was instantly smitten!

    Here’s a description of the space in Lesley’s own words!


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    “This is my daughter's loft that I decorated for her. She is a first year fashion design student so I wanted her to feel comfortable and have her own space for sewing and creating.

    I gave her my 25-year-old Juki sewing machine to use, she loves it…

    The chair I picked up at the Christies Antique Show is an old dentists chair. It swivels and the height is adjustable perfect to sit and sew.

    I love fireplaces so when we purchased this dowtown loft I knew I wanted to make it the focal point of her living room. I love it against of the old brick.

    I had a lot of fun decorating this space for my youngest daughter. I wanted it to be a little feminine and at the same time suit her needs and personality. The only thing she requested was that she wanted a white shag rug.”

    Well Lesley, she got a whole lot more than a white shag rug! I really love the use of reclaimed pieces in this space and the exposed brick is truly fabulous.

    What do you like best about Lesley’s design work?

    Would you like to see your room featured as our Room of the Month? Here’s how to submit your pictures!