• Feb 24

    Food Friday: The Perfect Omelet

    February 24, 2012 • 6:00 am


    We've all made omelets so you might not need the recipe for this one, but just in case… here’s my recipe for the perfect omelet.

    Jilly tip: the trick to a good omelet is cooking on low/medium heat.

    1. Pour your well-beaten eggs into a preheated pan and do not touch them- just pour them in, and cover them on a very low flame until they’re ALMOST done.
    2. Then add all of your fillings on ONE side of the omelet, flip over the empty half and cover for another few minutes.
    3. Serve!

    This omelet pictured above is filled with:
    *all precooked for three minutes

    Then I also added fresh:

    Garnished with avocado, salt and pepper!

    Have a signature omelet of your own? Share your recipe and tips below!

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  • Feb 23

    Moving in Together

    February 23, 2012 • 6:00 am

    Hey guys, my dear friend Molly Mesnick has a great blog that's full of fabulous beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts- make sure you check it out! I recently shared my take on moving in together on her site and thought you might like to read it here too!

    A year before I went on "The Bachelor" I decided to paint my room a bright coral. I figured since I didn't have a 'man' in my life this was about the only time I could have an over-the-top feminine bedroom. In fact,  if you looked around my space I had baby blue damask wall paper, white Louis chairs, chandeliers and enough throw pillows to make any guy run in the other direction.

    So here's my advice if you're looking to keep your space girly AND dude-proof when you move in together. Don't throw away the glitz and sparkles, just keep them tucked away, cause you better believe they are coming back out! Seriously though there is one thing I have realized about guys – they actually don't MIND a feminine space as long as it’s COMFORTABLE and there are at least a few reminders that he lives there.  

    Here are few pointers:

    1. Take down the Michigan state party lights and pennants down one by one. SLOWLY ladies. Slowly.
    2. On the same note: add only one decorative pillow a week. No pink or any pastels in the space in the first 6 months!
    3. Charcoal is your best friend. Down the road it goes perfectly with creams, peaches and feminine hues. But for now he thinks you're a hero.
    4 . Lucky for us, reclaimed and industrial textures are in. Burlap, reclaimed wood, antiqued metals- all great for him and you're a design diva.
    5 . Graphics. Guys (the straight kind) love BOLD graphics, so bring out the stripes, herringbone, and zizzag. Unfortunately the damask will have to take a back seat for a while.  
    6. Antlers. Or vintage pools balls, a vintage alma matter book or anything 'manly' will distract him from your crystal chandelier and Louis chairs.

    Basically what I am saying – is take it slow and (sigh) think of the other person. Try to bring bits of EACH of your personalities in, but both parties should pull the items that they know are taking it a bit too far, ahem:  stuffed animals and nudie posters. 

    Here’s a moodboard I created to depict a perfectly shared space:


    And here are some examples I decorated: Ali and Roberto's old space:


    And mine and you-know-who's-space:


    Wait a second. On second thought…. neither of one of these couples are still together… maybe I did it all wrong ;) 

    Have any funny stories about moving in with your guy? Share ‘em below!

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  • Feb 22

    Sherri Shepherd Invites You to The Clorox Lounge!

    February 22, 2012 • 6:00 am


    The Clorox Family of Toilet Products is turning the bathroom into the laugh room at The Clorox Lounge! The lounge is a comedy-filled, entertaining “ode to the commode” hosted by comedienne Sherri Shepherd. We'll fill your tank daily with hilarious jokes, photos and videos you've just gotta see, plus, just by joining the community you have a chance to win $10,000! It’s our way of celebrating the potty break and giving YOU a well-deserved comedy time out.

    Our Facebook Page is the perfect place to stay updated on all of the community’s fun features. All you have to do is Like the page below to take advantage of exclusive content that will leave you flushed with excitement.

    The Clorox Lounge is rolling out weekly contests where you’ll have a chance to earn coupons, prize packs, and even more cash! Watch the video below for details on this week’s challenge and then share your own stories for a chance to win! 

    Ready to get started? Like our Facebook page above and head on over to The Clorox Lounge to enter this week’s contest and register for your chance to win $10,000.

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  • Feb 21

    My Bachelor Recap: Episode 8

    February 21, 2012 • 12:46 pm

    I didn’t think it was going to happen, but I’m happy to report I was able to catch last night’s episode of “The Bachelor” in Maui! I thought TV might be illegal on the island but I was able to sneak it in!!


    I love hometown episodes because they remind me of my amazing family, and also remind us all that no one is perfect and everyone has a mommy and dad that love them…. even Courtney.

    I missed the beginning of Lindzi’s date but we all know they’re cute together- no surprise. And I have to say, despite how fabulous my dad is, I’m pretty jealous Lindzi’s dad is named Harry Cox. If only.

    Nikki and Ben- I don’t really get the connection? She’s sweet and her family was so warm and loving but… I don’t get it? Thoughts?


    At first I thought Courtney and Ben’s faux wedding was kind of cute, but ultimately, it totally annoyed me. We all know she stole half of her speech from Sex and the City (Ben totally bought it) but I have to give it to her- she’s a smart cookie. Doing a dress rehearsal of their wedding was a surefire way to make him picture himself ending up with her. Just like the tarantula… she’s fearless!


    And you all know that I’m heartbroken for Kacie B. Ben sending her home has to be some kind of joke. She is just too adorable. The good news is she’s a total catch and I know she’ll be just fine ;) 

    I’m keeping it short and sweet this week as I enjoy the Hawaiian sun, but I want to hear your thoughts! Let me know your reaction to last night’s episode in the comments below.

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  • Feb 20

    Giveaway: Oscar-Worthy Necklace by LOLO Jewellery & Accessories

    February 20, 2012 • 9:54 am


    I am SO excited about today’s giveaway and I know you guys are going to LOVE it!

    In honor of the upcoming Oscars, and their presence at this year’s Academy Awards Celebrity Red Carpet Style Lounge, LOLO Jewellery & Accessories will be giving away their 14Kt Gold Vermeil and Swarovski Crystal, 32 inch necklace - one of the select pieces that will be included in the celebrity gift bags at the Red Carpet event.

    Who doesn’t want to wear the same necklace as their favorite celeb?! This necklace is only available until quantities last and you can get yours here.

    To enter to win this $150 necklace, leave me a comment telling me one simple way you make yourself feel red-carpet glamorous! Maybe it’s bold lipstick, or a good manicure, whatever your trick is I want to hear about it below!

    I’ll announce the winner one week from today, so check back to see if you’ve won!

    P.S. Don’t forget to check out the rest of LOLO Jewellery’s beautiful pieces by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter

    UPDATE: Our winner is in! Congratulations to Kelly! I can't wait to see pics of you rocking your gorgeous new necklace.

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  • Feb 17

    Food Friday: Chicken Curry

    February 17, 2012 • 6:00 am


    Even though I say I am a foodie, I only have two distinct Indian food memories.

    1) In 2001 I went on a date with a guy who was shorter than me (I'm 5'2) because he was relentless. We drove his ‘67 Camaro (with a skull stick shift) to his aunt’s Indian restaurant, where he proceeded to tell me, and the entire restaurant, that he was madly in love with me. This experience was bad.

    2) About 10 years later, I dinned at Vij's in Vancouver and had what I believe is one of the best dishes in the entire world – his Lamb Popsicles.  I never tried any other Indian again, because I believed there was no way it would ever compare.

    About 3 weeks ago, my cousin-in-law Charles invited me over for Indian. I came over but told him no thanks to dinner. But when I walked by the skillet and scooped a little of his dish onto a spoon… I wanted to die. HOW ON EARTH have I not been eating this my whole life?! 

    I am sure this recipe isn't authentic – so for my Indian readers please don't get mad at me! For those of you who don’t consider yourself “cultured” foodies you MUST try this dish! It’s easy, addicting, healthy and different than all the very American/Canadian comfort food recipes I usually post.

    1 half yellow onion, finely diced
    3 tablespoons olive oil
    1 large can of diced tomatoes (strained)
    2 chicken breasts, diced
    8-10 brown mushrooms, diced (this is optional)
    1 tablespoon cumin
    1 tablespoon finely chopped ginger
    1/2 tablespoon tumeric
    1 tablespoon curry
    1 can of light coconut milk
    1/2 cup of chopped cilantro
    3 cups of prepared jasmine rice (or fresh Naan bread)
    1 cup of plain light yogurt

    1.    In a large skillet, warm oil and add onion.
    2.    Cook until translucent.
    3.    Add chicken and ALL spices including ginger.  
    4.    Add can of tomato almost immediately.
    5.    After a few minutes, add mushrooms and coconut milk.  
    6.    Allow to simmer for about 20 minutes until reduced.  
    7.    Serve on a bed of rice or Naan bread with yogurt and chopped cilantro.

    Do you have any distinct food memories? I want to hear ‘em below!

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