• Mar 05

    Would You Go Out with Me?!

    March 5, 2012 • 5:00 am



    Alright guys, want to take yours truly out on a date?! Well, now’s your chance as I’ll be one auctioned off as one of the “Dream Dates” (nice little confidence-boosting title there, eh?) at the LA Dream Date Auction benefiting the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation

    The event is happening at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on March 31st and you can click here to get your tickets and more information. And if I’m not quite your type, don’t fret! You can also bid on a date with Roberto Martinez, Michelle Money, and other fabulous hotties!

    I am so excited to be a part of this event for such a wonderful cause, and if you want to read more about Chris4Life check out their website with information and inspiring stories.

    Now… who’s taking me out?!

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  • Mar 02

    Food Friday: Fish Tacos & Maui Slaw

    March 2, 2012 • 6:00 am



    We're continuing this Hawaiian theme a little longer!... Remember this post from awhile back?!!  Well it brought back memories from another trip to Maui and these delish fish tacos we made...

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  • Mar 01

    My Hawaii Photo Diary

    March 1, 2012 • 6:00 am

    Warning: if you currently find yourself in an icy, cold, dreary location then this post might make you a little angry- apology in advance! The truth is, I was so craving the sun this month (watching “The Bachelor” didn’t help this craving) that I decided to surprise my family and tag along on their trip to Maui! They had NO idea I was coming and the surprise was awesome.

    Our days were spent soaking in the rays, drinking a few too many mai-tai’s and going on some Hawaiian adventures. And, as you can probably guess from the picture below, I am SO excited to become an Aunty in a few months!!

    Here’s a glimpse at our trip:


    Tebow-ing is good for the soul.



    My Hawaii breaky!


    I’m a tanned and relaxed little lady but now it’s full steam ahead and back to work!

    Have you gotten to escape at all lately? Would love to hear about it below!

    PS To see even more pics from my Hawaiian get away check out my album here!

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  • Feb 29

    Don't Let That Cute Guy Get Away

    February 29, 2012 • 6:00 am



    Sadly, we’d all be waiting a long time if we expected our friends to introduce us to our perfect match. 

    The best way to meet someone is when you least expect it.  You may be out and about, wandering around, and unexpectedly strike up a conversation with a cute someone. You both engage in verbal banter that flows easily and comfortably. You want to keep talking but you are on your way somewhere else.

    If you’re unattached, tell him you wish you could keep talking and it would be great to meet for coffee sometime. Would his girlfriend mind that? If he laughs and says he does not have a girlfriend, give him your number! If you want to play it safe, tell him to look up your username on Tingle so you can quickly find out more about each other. You can then talk & text with the ‘block’ button as a safety. Plus you’ll have some cute photos at your fingertips to remind you what he looks like.

    The start of a relationship is very important. You’re both feeling each other out, observing the other and letting them see parts of you until they get a clear picture of your personality, values and beliefs. You don’t want to hand yourself over to them on a silver platter, but you have to communicate enough so they can get to know you - and have fun in each other’s company, one step at a time, not jumping into the future!

    Most importantly, try to create experiences that will build a shared history together. This will bring people together whether they’re in a brand new or established relationship. So, whether it’s shark diving or any 1-on-1 date where your boundaries are challenged, go for it!


    Tingle is a free dating app for your iPhone. If you get your single friends to sign up this month and use promo code JILLIAN you’ll be entered to win a $200 Visa gift card! But the lucky winner will be drawn at midnight on February 29, so hurry!

    Practice what you’ll say to a cute guy next time, and let us know what happens.

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  • Feb 28

    My Bachelor Recap: Episode 9

    February 28, 2012 • 10:56 am



    Well, I am sorry but I STILL think that there is a glimmer of hope that Ben takes Kacie B back.  Here are my thoughts: if “The Bachelor” producers REALLY wanted to impress me (and you know that’s all they want to do) they would make us all believe he picked the villain (who I actually don't mind as much these days but that’s just because they are doing a better job of editing her these last few episodes) but REALLY what's going on is he takes Kacie B back last minute and they live happily ever after. 

    Le sigh. Ok maybe that’s not what happens but man that would be smart wouldn’t it? 

    Other than that, here are my thoughts:

    1. I have never really expressed how cute Lindzi is – those dimples are adorable and I think she is a genuine sweetie.
    2. I hated to see Nikki go, probably because she is one the most sincere girls on the show and I know how she felt … so sad going home second runner up – felt her pain! 
    3. You know what I think? I think Ben liked Kacie B more than Nikki but sent Kacie home first to make it easier on him.  ….

    What about you? Tell me your thoughts about Ben’s final two in the comments below!

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  • Feb 27

    Sh*t My Granny Says

    February 27, 2012 • 6:00 am

    You guys know my Granny Marge. Well, everyday I think I can't love her any more than I already do and then she pulls this kind of stuff:

    God love her. I’ve got some other hilarious comments from Granny in my back pocket, so stay tuned for some regular “Sh*t My Granny Says” posts here on the site.

    Your Granny have any good quotes lately? Leave ‘em below- I love reading your comments!

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