• Aug 14

    A Sophisticated Summer

    August 14, 2013 • 10:30 am

    I don't try to pretend that I'm ALWAYS a prim & proper lady... but sometimes I really do love playing the part!! (Afterall, I ain't 21 anymore!!) I absolutely LOVE bringing out a little bit of sophisticated glam every once in a while in the summer - trade in my flip flops, aviators, bikini, and suntan lotion for easy going elegance at its best.

    The creamy & mellow yellow colours of this look keep it fresh, but of COURSE I needed a little pop of colour too!!! And what better than a bright yet classic cobalt blue clutch and some funky bold rings. 

    Who knew summertime isn't just about boat rides, beaches, and hunky shirtless men... I could get used to this!! And hunky sophisticated SHIRTED men aren't too bad either....

    xo Jilly

    Get my look!

    1. Wilfred Chevalier Jacket

    2. Stella Mccartney Folded Top

    3. Yellow Jacquard Pencil Skirt

    4. MARC by Marc Jacobs Bag

    5. Zara Leather Sandals

    6. Glitterrings Ring

    7. Mango Stone Ring


    Stylist: Alana Denham

    Photographer: Sharla Pike


    Mac August 14 2013 • 12:00pm

    STUNNING! I absolutely adore the outfit! I grew up on a lake so am also all about bikinis, flip flops, and shades. Now that I'm 23 and living adult-life in NYC I'm having major withdrawals but indeed it's nice dressing up every now and then!! ;)

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