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    Accessories Accessories Please!

    July 2, 2013 • 10:02 am

    Let’s be honest here… most of us don’t have a “dream” wardrobe budget every season… so next time you’re completely bored with your closet, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new clothes, try using accessories to liven up your outfits!  Having a few key accessories to mix and match with will do wonders to your look… and your bank account!  My Michael Kors watch is my go-to piece lately – it’s timeless, (ok not really… but you know what I mean!!)… But don’t think you need wildly expensive accessories either, I may love my MK watch but I balance it with quite a few inexpensive accessories from places like Forever21 and Aldo!

     1 shoes
    3 bling watch/bracelet

    What’s your go-to accessory this summer?

    Jilly xoxo


    annyquail July 3 2013 • 6:12am

    Such a big fan of yours! You are so beautiful inside and out! I love a cute pair of sunglasses. Since my budget is tight and I'm a mom on the go, I go for the trendy, cute and cheap aviator sunglasses(forever21 or marshals/tjmax) Then I don't care if I scratch them or lose them as much:)

    Beaner July 3 2013 • 10:15am

    Love your style!! I tried to click on the links but they don't seem to work...I have GOT to know where those shoes are from! :)

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