• Apr 08

    Anchor Love!

    April 8, 2013 • 8:57 am

    When you think about using an anchor in design, you don't need to think about boats, sailors (well, you can if you want to) or rough ocean waters! Think: Nautical Ways to Accessorize Your Home!

    An anchor symbol has quite a long history - but today, the meaning of an anchor symbol is typically different for everyone! It can be a sign of a strong foundation or a reminder to stay grounded and calm... whatever an anchor means to YOU - it is a timeless way to accessorize your home!!

    It's becoming more popular for women to get an anchor inked on their body... BUT if you're looking for a non-permanent way to incorporate an anchor into your world, then keep your eyes open for toss cushions with anchors... or even a clock! You'll not only have personal ties to your space, but you'll instantly play up on a classy nautical theme!!!

    Jilly xoxo


    swhitter April 16 2013 • 1:00pm

    Where is the anchor clock from?

    jessbrady April 17 2013 • 11:50am

    I love that you posted about this! It's been my dream to do a nautical-themed guest bedroom due to my anchor obsession, and I am finally able to do that next month when I move! Seeing you post about this makes me feel like I might actually know a LITTLE something about decorating ;)

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