• Sep 21

    Ask Jillian: Camera-Ready Makeup

    September 21, 2011 • 8:00 am

    6167939424:Yahoo:photo“I'm going to be in a wedding soon and every time I apply my makeup for pictures, it looks like a lot in person, but barely shows up in photos. Any advice for making it stand out in pictures, but not look like a clown in person?”-Taryn

    Well Taryn, unfortunately I learned this one the hard way! When I was on The Bachelor I always thought that I had enough makeup on but then when I saw it on screen it looked like I was wearing none! I’ve since learned a few tricks of the trade...

    1. Strip False Eyelashes
      Don’t freak out – I have learned how to apply them on my own now. Pick them up ahead of time and give them a few test runs first. I like to put them on right after my foundation that way I don’t mess up my eye makeup.
    2. The Right Foundation
      Foundation is really important as is some subtle shading with bronzer (try Covergirl’s bronzer). Suck in those pretty cheeks of yours, and with a medium brush shade the under parts of your cheek. Then with that stunning smile of yours dab a hint of blush on the apples of your cheeks.
    3. Line Like a Pro
      Lining your upper lid with liquid liner will give you a defined but thin line and help your eyes pop. You can focus on the eyes a little more by using black or dark brown eyeliner right in the bottom lid of your eye (the tear duct part).
    4. Get Misty
      This is my most important tip: when you’re all done give your face a light and quick mist of rose water or moisturizing mist (I like Nude Hydrating Water). When it dries use a lightweight translucent powder (my favorite is Makeup Forever HD powder) which works with the camera. These two little steps will give you a flawless airbrushed look on camera no matter what!

    Do you have any camera-ready makeup tricks of your own for Taryn? Leave yours below!

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