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    Ask Jillian: Help My Kitchen!

    November 2, 2011 • 8:00 am


    Amy: YES YES YES YES YES!!! This is the post I've been waiting for! We bought our house in August and we're finally starting to feel at "home." I've taken lots of Jill's tips and have done our living room, basement/media room, and master bedroom. It's the stinkin’ kitchen that is killing me! I hate the cabinets, but I don't know where to start.

    You know what, Amy? I actually LOVE them! :) I say remove the doors and hardware; paint the frames, interiors and doors; then replace the hinges and knobs.

    Have some fun with it... if your hubby doesn’t mind, get some crystal knobs from Home Depot!

    As for the paint color, I would usually say stick with cream but lately I am totally loving this creamy grey look:


    You can also leave a few doors off and have open shelving for a fun, rustic look:


    Adding crown molding will also help:


    I think these cabinets have a ton of potential and they don’t make solid wood cabinets like they used to these days. Another option would be to add a molding to the front of your cabinets BEFORE painting, as shown here:


    This extra step would add a lot of character!

    The key here is to take this project slowly. Good luck Amy! Please share photos with us when you’re done!

    Have any other kitchen suggestions for Amy? Leave them below!

    Photo Source: Greige, Forever Cottage, House of Turquoise, HGTV


    danielle72 August 5 2014 • 11:34am

    Hi! If you are going to paint the cabinets, I'd invest in a paint sprayer :) I have experimented and love mine by Graco. I've used it so many times and the finish is flawless and looks professional.

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