• Nov 16

    Ask Jillian: Splurge or Save?

    November 16, 2011 • 12:00 pm

    Victoria: Hi Jillian, I am about to move into a one bedroom apartment and am excited to start investing in pieces that I love (vs. carting around hand me down furniture etc). Do you have any suggestions for the first things I should purchase? Any great websites/stores you would recommend that would ship to Canada?

    Hi Victoria, thanks for your question! First up, I love Crate and Barrel. Their items are timeless, great quality and they just started shipping to Canada! Personally, this sofa is on my wish list:

    It’s modern and different, yet comfy and timeless. I suggest investing in pieces that are neutral colors because they’ll continue to work regardless of any other design changes you make.

    I’ve always wanted a yellow sofa, and I will get one one day, but when you’re just starting out with furniture, it’s better to play with color in the accents. This is old advice, but a valuable tip.

    I also suggest that you think about furniture that you can use. Instead of a wood coffee table, how about an ottoman that you can store items in? Then use a tray on top of the ottoman for remotes, drinks and books. Here’s a cool one from Crate & Barrel:

    6351293280:Yahoo:photoMirrors will also do wonders for your space and you will have them forever since they don’t really go out of style. I suggest checking out HomeSense for affordable options. They also have awesome accent pieces for you to make your place look all snazzy! Check out this ottoman that I just bought for $200 at HomeSense:

    So the key takeaways are: neutral furniture with classic lines, mirrors and functional pieces to maximize your space.

    Hope this helps and if you guys have any tips for Victoria leave your advice in the comments!

    Photo Sources: Crate and Barrel

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