• May 01

    Captain Charlie's Decor!

    May 1, 2013 • 10:16 pm

    First step in throwing a party ... décor, my favourite part!  I've been a little crazy about nautical these days so it seemed like the perfect theme for our little Captain Charlie!  It’s also no secret I love vintage so Tori and I decided to incorporate the two!

    A vintage, nautical themed birthday for our little man!  As usual, we started down at Avalon rentals, our local party rental store. I went with the dark bamboo chairs this time (and go figure my grandma never asked who was getting married, which she always does with the white chairs lol) and a navy blue linen.  Tori bought me the gold cutlery from West Elm for Christmas and this was the PERFECT place to use it!  Most of the other party décor... we actually had!  But if you don't have these items don't worry - most are easy to find, whether it be a thrift store, antique store or Homesense & HomeGoods!  I dragged a lot of items from inside my home to the patio - and we were lucky with nice weather!!  But I swear by this... when throwing an outside party - bring pieces from inside out for the day! 

    Items that will help you throw a perfect vintage nautical party:

    Old trunks
    Navy fabric
    Faux gold blocks
    Faux coral
    Old books
    Chocolate gold coins
    Burlap & twine & linen
    Thick cotton rope
    Distressed wood
    Anything gold;)
    Old buoys

    Things we thought of later...

    Captain’s hats
    Fabric that looks like netting (there is lots out there!)
    Life Savers

    Here are the ideas in action!... Thanks to Sharla Pike Photography for the great pics!!

    Jilly xoxo


    liziman22 May 2 2013 • 4:01pm

    I only wish I had another baby boy to do a party like this! It turned out amazing. The biggest question I have is where is your anchor striped top from?! I've been searching everywhere for one. Too cute!

    hehjude May 7 2013 • 8:59am

    Your Grandma looks just like I remember her! And your mom looks fantastic. I don't know how they keep up to you. You are such a ball of fire and with so much energy! If only I had half of it. I'm anxious to see what your new business will be. Your Mom is so artistic, I love her work. Hope you let us know soon. Excited Judy in northern Alberta...

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