• Aug 26

    Bachelor In Paradise: Episode 4

    August 26, 2014 • 10:00 am

    So...last night I sat down to enjoy a steamy, drama-filled episode of Bachelor in Paradise, but the entire FIRST hour of it was cut off, fuzzy and extremely diffucult to hear! The good thing was that by the second hour, the station had fixed the problem. 

    Oooooh there were a lot of newcomers this week in the BIP house!!! Hahahah I can't believe Kalen went on a date by himself....then again how could you pass on a once in a lifetime opportunity to repel into a cave full of water!!!! What do all of you think of Jesse, from my season?!?!?! Do you think Jackie will pick him?

    OH MY GOSH what is wrong with AshLee?! I can't believe how conscious she is of the cameras. You are on BACHELOR IN PARADISE. The whole point of you being on the show is for you to be filmed, all the time, no matter where you go! Claire has made it pretty obvious that she's a loyal, good friend to these girls in the BIP house, so I don't even understand why AshLee would stir up all of this drama! What did she get out of it?

    I'm glad my girl Michelle told Graham right before the rose ceremony, because he definitely deserved to know. Just to know that the person you are paired up with is acting a different way on camera than off camera is a little unsettling, so I can understand why he needed to leave and figure out what he was going to say.

    Awwww Cody is just the sweetest. Unfortunatelt we won't know who is going home until tonight, as this episode is to be continued, but I hope Michelle picks him to give him a chance!!! My guess is that Kalen and Marquel will be going home....but we will find out tonight! 

    Until next week...



  • Aug 19

    Bachelor in Paradise: Episode 3

    August 19, 2014 • 10:00 am

    Is it just me….or is this show just getting WAAAAAY to repetitive and boooring???? I feel like ALL of their dates are the same, and they’re visiting all the same places in Mexico! They should be incorporating challenges or something…they definitely need to add a huge twist into the show to make it a bit more interesting!

    This week, Marquel was dating everyone! It was SOO crazy when he almost got struck by lightning! Scary stuff! This week, I guess he’s just trying to test the waters and take time to figure out who the BEST fit for him, but matching up with Jackie was very unexpected!

    Are Lacy and Marcus SO boring together that the cameramen don’t film them at all?! What’s up with that?!

    AshLee is showing her craziness more and more throughout this season! Did you SEE Graham’s eye rolls throughout their date?!?! It’s so hard to tell if he’s really interested in her, or if he’s just playing it safe!

    I REALLY wanted Michelle to make it work with Robert and sway him…but he’s made it clear that he sees something better with Sara!! I’m sorry, but I was NOT okay with Sara crying and feeling sorry for herself the ENTIRE episode! Show some initiative and ask people on dates instead!

    Oh Elise, you’re head over heels for Chris!!! I hope he’s into you as much as you’re into him! Take care of that leg :) It was so cute when Chris gave the rose to Michelle….I didn’t know WHAT would happen in that moment! I totally thought that all four of them would have to go home, but it’s great that Michelle can still stay! You are killing it with your style and fashion, you go girl!

    Until next week…

  • Aug 12

    Bachelor in Paradise: Episode 2

    August 12, 2014 • 10:00 am

    WOW...was that a lot of back and forth last night or WHAT?! I honestly had no idea who would pick who by the end of this episode!!! Michelle K??? How could you possibly make someone want to jump off a balcony and injure himself? I feel like that could have been SO much worse…thank God he’s ok!!!!!

    I really didn’t think that Lacy was into Marcus based on last week….she made it seem like she was CRAZY about Robert last episode! Because of that…I was pretty certain that Robert would be going home….but HE STAYED!

    Which brings me to Dylan! I kind of understand where he was coming from…he arrived and was immediately latched onto Elise because she was obsessed with him, and he never had a chance to get to know anyone else or explore other connections. When he finally voiced his opinion, Elise took it WAAAY to far with a steamy ocean make out with Chris. To be honest, I think Dylan was probably relieved that she did that because it gave him the FREE pass and allowed him to see what else was out there!! Elise's speech was just too much! The reactions of everyone were HILARIOUS to watch! Do you think Sara wanted to stay true to Elise, and that’s why she didn’t give Dylan the rose??? I totally thought she would give it to him!

    Marquel telling Michelle that he would change things about her…like her love of drinking, was a COMPLETE turn off. You should never say that there are things you would change or prefer to be different about anyone! It’s just rude! However, he is sweet and darling, so hopefully it will all work out!

    I’m so excited to see who else arrives! Sayonara Ben and Dylan!!!!!!

    Until next week…




  • Aug 06

    Sun Damage Tips with Project Skin MD

    August 6, 2014 • 10:00 am

    If you know me, you know I ADORE the sun, and I basically LIVE in it when I'm home in Kelowna! Every time I step into the beautiful Project Skin MD South Granville location, I immediately feel rejuvinated and in good hands!!! I recently paid a visit to their Sun Event to learn more about sun damage and what I could do to reverse some of the damage the sun has done to my skin. 

    I'm sure you already know that skin cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in Canada. I know I'm guilty for feeling invincible to the sun, but I can't stress how IMPORTANT it is to take care of your skin, and protect the ONLY skin you will ever have!!! Sunblocks and sunscreens are soooo important, and you should be wearing an SPF on your face every day, to protect from every day sun exposure.

    In the summer, dullness and pigmentation are the most common skin complaints. For dullness, you may want to invest in a deep cleaning electronic brush to use multiple times a week, just to ensure your skin is extra clean before moisturizing!

    For pigmentation, which is a direct result of skin damage, there are options to reverse the damage done!!! To help correct and prevent early signs of sun damage aging, Project Skin MD recommends either IPL Photorejuvination or Clear + Brilliant® Permea treatments. For more significant sun damage and signs of aging, treating your skin to a Flaxel® re:store DUAL treatment is best. This procedure got its start here in Vancouver, and it rids of the damaged cells to reveal more even, youthful and healthy skin! Pretty amazing if you ask me!!!!


    To help my lovely readers with their skin damage and pigmentation, I have teamed up with Project Skin MD to give away a Pigment Balancing Masque, valued at $180, which will help control complicated pigmentation!! Complete the steps below to enter! Contest restricted to residents of the Lower Mainland. Take care of that skin, ladies!!!!!!!




  • Aug 05

    Bachelor in Paradise Premiere

    August 5, 2014 • 10:00 am

    The day is finally here….Bachelor in Paradise premiere!!!!!! I’m soo excited to start sharing my thoughts on each episode every Tuesday! This show has so many beautiful people in such a beautiful place, bound to have lots of drama, heartache and steamy love triangles. I’m actually quite surprised that there are so few people to begin with…but I guess the cycle will continue and more people will eventually show up in Tulum! I am MOST excited for Marquel and Marcus to find happiness and love…I don’t know if they’ll find it in paradise… but they are the sweetest and deserve it!!!!

    It was SOOO hilarious watching Elise try to come down the stairs on her way to see Chris Harrison…those shoes were clearly NOT fit for an island, come on girl! Other than that, I loved the flowy dresses and bright colours worn in this episode! The hairstyles however…what were the girls thinking?? Lacy had some weird hair going on throughout the episode, and so did Michelle at the rose ceremony....but I LOVE her so anything goes :)

    Drama escalated right away in the BIP house…what is with Ash Lee???? She literally went running into the house and started crying and talking to herself like a craaaazy woman! You can't claim "your guy" on the first day... doesn’t work like that honey!

    I was actually surprised that Clare didn’t connect with anyone right away. I kind of thought she would hit it off with Marcus immediately, but he is obsessed with Lacy! I do not even remember her AT ALL from Juan Pablo’s season, but she’s pretty set on getting any guy she can get! TWO ocean swim dates with two guys in the same night?!?! Eww. For the most part, the dates were all very low key and boring…it was more exciting to watch Lacy in the ocean! Who do you think will end up with each other???? 

    Since I LOVED the bright, summery fashion on tonight's episode, I'm sharing my breezy bright beachwear/cocktail picks!

    Earrings | Neon Dress | White Crop Dress | Sandals

    Sandals | Pink Dress | Romper | Earrings


    Until next week...



  • Jul 30

    BC Tree Fruits Packinghouse Tour

    July 30, 2014 • 10:00 am

    I think it's pretty obvious how much I genuinely LOOOOVE BC cherries! Pretty much my FAV summer fruit to use in all of my summer recipes! Earlier this month, I visited the BC Tree Fruits cherry packinghouse and orchard in Kelowna, and I couldn't believe how much time and effort is put into ensuring every cherry is absolutely perfect!!!!!! I thought I'd share what I learned, and walk you through this amazing experience! 

    Once the cherries are ripe enough to be picked off the trees, they are delivered to the packinghouse, and the cherries are immediately put through a hydro cooler to cool the fruit down. From there, the cherries are put into cold storage before being run down the line.

    The bins are brought from storage to the front of the packing line where the cherries are immersed in water. The temp of the water is freezing, but because the water is always moving, it doesn't freeze! It was sooo cool to watch!

    The first part of the line is the cluster cutter where the stems of the cherries are cut to make sure that each cherry going down the line is a single cherry.

    The cherries then go through the first sorting tables where any defects or clusters are removed. From there, the cherries go down the line into another hydro cooler where they are cooled even more.

    After the cooling process, they go through the computerized defect sorter where in about 1 second, 16 pictures of each cherry are taken!!!! 16 photos per cherry?!?! That's a lot of photos!!! This step blew my mind!!!!! Each cherry is then categorized based on size, weight and colour.

    From there, each cherry gets put down a specific line depending on the size and colour. Any defects go down a process grade line.

    After that, the fruit goes down to another sorting table where any defects are removed before being packaged.

    Fruit is then bagged, boxed and palletized to leave the packinghouse and head to a store near you!

    This experience definitely made me appreciate BC cherries even more than I already did!! BC Tree Fruits, thank you so much for having me and teaching me all about the cherry packing process!!!!! And HUGE thank you to Sharla of Sharla Pike Photography for these beautiful photos!

    And...I have an announcement!!!!! I will be taking over BC Tree Fruits Twitter and Instagram accounts...starting now!!! Follow along and let's talk fruits!!!!