• Sep 02

    A Unique Ensuite

    September 2, 2013 • 1:15 pm

    I’ll start with the best part: THIS HOUSE COULD BE YOURS!!!…

    This will be the last room I feature on JillianHarris.com before I hand out this beautiful home to one lucky winner… and OMG!!! I am so excited!!!

    Endings remind me of beginnings and I remember there was one thing that was clear to me from the moment I started planning and designing this house: I desperately wanted a black and white claw foot tub. I was so obsessed with having this tub that it became the center inspiration for the entire home.


    The pairing of black and white is so classic and so crisp and clean, it’s no wonder it works fantastic in a bathroom. After all, where else is that clean stark feeling more essential? It’s also a fairly easy and affordable combination thanks to the fact that most bathroom fixtures are the cheapest and look best in white. And the black can easily be incorporated with paint. Sprinkle with shiny metals, and then you can have a romantic bathroom escape.

    Photo Credits: Teresa Corsie


    Tickets are on sale now!  This is BC’s most affordable home lottery. The draw for the home is on September 5th.You can buy tickets online at:  www.pneprizehome.ca or call 1-877-946-4663. They are: 5 tickets for $25 or 15 for $50. For rules of play and rules pertaining to the vehicle prizes, visit http://www.pneprizehome.ca/

  • Aug 27

    How to Stylishly Stretch Your Flex Space

    August 27, 2013 • 10:00 am

    Sometimes when I need inspiration for a project I'm working on or even for updating my own home, I do what I know SO many of you do too.... I go on Pinterest!! Honestly, I have a hard time remembering what my life was like before Pinterest... and I definitely wouldn't want to go there!!! Google images?? That's SO 2011....

    I recently came across the image above of this super contemporary, simple, chic, & eclectic room and just FELL IN LOVE. It's more difficult than it seems to keep clean lines & simple modern shapes feeling as warm & inviting as this room looks. Props to one hell of a designer!!

    The best thing about this look, however, is not necessarily the jaw-dropping vaulted ceilings (although they are amazing)... it's actually just in the small little details and the well thought-out pieces. I wanted to share with you some inspiration on how to create a VERY similar look for a room in everyone's home that can use a little work... the flex room!! THINK: guest room meets TV room meets library, and all of a sudden you have an incredible place in which you're proud to put your house guests AND have a little sanctuary to truly enjoy the other 360 days of the year!!

    To build this look I decided to keep it easy for you, so I've created a one-stop-shop & pulled most of these gorgeous pieces from one of my favourite design stores, Moe's. Moe's is awesome because they really embrace the idea of FORM & FUNCTION. They have pieces that can truly be used & loved throughout the years, but that also make a stylish statement... equally as important if you ask me!! ;)


    Here's the D-L to keep in mind.

    Convert that couch. Most of the time, you'll probably want a cute contemporary couch for your flex room for some tube time & reading time, but why not make it convertible into a bed?? Same space, double the use. I love the simple details of this one (4). 

    Go au natural. The natural wood fibres of the bookshelf (3), side tables (6), and TV console (9) do double duty to add warmth to the space while being - of course! - very functional for storage and to display your library, knick knackery, and some greenery (7). 

    Don't skimp on the details. From this stunning pendant light (2) to the funky buffalo sculpture (1) to the simple & surprising abstract art (5) to the colourful throw cushions (8), this room really comes together in the care taken selecting these much needed artistic elements. Don't be tempted to settle for bare walls, a boring old light fixture, and some worn out couch cushions.... every space deserves some true artistic love!!

    xo Jilly

  • Aug 26

    A Living Room Beyond My Expectations

    August 26, 2013 • 11:00 am

    I always have a clear idea of what I want, but I never know what the end result is really going to look like... you plan for the best, and sometimes - just sometimes! - the result is better than what can be imagined. With the PNE Prize Home living room, this was exactly the case! ...and I couldn’t be more satisfied. 

    Accessories really can make or break a room... and it is really the tiny details that completed this to perfection. Some vintage books here, some apothecary jars there, a silver tray, a throw... you take these things away and the result just wouldn’t be the same. This gorgeous room is fresh, crisp and airy, classy, vintage, and timeless all at once! Do you love it as much as I do???

    Check my other favourite rooms at this year’s PNE Prize Home: The Kitchen & The Powder Room


    1. Vintage books - options at charlieford.com

    2. Bench - Homesense

    3. Apothecary jars - Homesense

    4. Ikea throw

    5. Silver tray - options at charlieford.com

    6. Coffee table - Lane furniture

    7. Chesterfield sofa - Lane furniture


    Tickets are on sale now!  This is BC’s most affordable home lottery. The draw for the home is on September 5th.You can buy tickets online at:  www.pneprizehome.ca  or call 1-877-946-4663. They are: 5 tickets for $25 or 15 for $50. For rules of play and rules pertaining to the vehicle prizes, visit http://www.pneprizehome.ca/

  • Aug 19

    The Perfect Powder Room

    August 19, 2013 • 10:50 am

    Apart from the stunning black and white kitchen in this years PNE Prize Home, one of my other favorite rooms in this house is also one of the smallest: the powder room! My plan was for it to be fresh, crisp & clean, yet still very elegant. And with the help of an amazing diamond shaped tile that I came upon and a bold touch of black, I think it turned out perfectly!!

    I don’t use pedestal sinks often because of their lack of storage and counter space but in a powder room, that really doesn’t matter... powder doesn't take up that much room!!! ;) They are an affordable option and have an antique flair to them - obviously something that I adore!!!

    Here some key pieces to get the look for your own powder room!

    1. Art - 1 & 2

    2. Sink

    3. Wall Sconce

    4. Mirror

    And - as always - don’t forget a touch of black! Whoever told you ANYTHING was the 'new black' is a liar.... she shall never be replaced!!

    I'd love to hear from you! What design elements would be most important to you in your dream powder room??

    xo Jilly

    Tickets are on sale now!  This is BC’s most affordable home lottery. The draw for the home is on September 5th.You can buy tickets online at: www.pneprizehome.ca  or call 1-877-946-4663. They are: 5 tickets for $25 or 15 for $50

    For rules of play & rules pertaining to the vehicle prizes, visit http://www.pneprizehome.ca/

  • Aug 12

    What Better Kind Of Bar Than One Full of Candy?

    August 12, 2013 • 11:55 am

    If you told me when I was a little girl that I would be able to design using candy, I would have decided to be a designer at the age of four! I think it’s safe to say that you would all agree with me that a candy bar is perfect for any event or occasion. It’s an eye-catching conversation piece that will FOR SURE be enjoyed by EVERYONE!

    Since I can have quite the sweet tooth, sometime copious mounds of candy just isn’t enough to satisfy it, so I always think of incorporating pastries, CAKE POPS (mmm), cookies, macaroons, chocolate covered pretzels and, of course, cupcakes. The biggest thing I would recommend when choosing your amazing selection of treats is to stay true to your event’s colour theme.

    A few tips on how to make that candy bar look sexy!

    Add a bit of depth to the table and a variety of height

    Create some height by adding pop crates, wire baskets, stacked trunks and wooden stumps to add another layer onto the table.

    Emphasize the colour palette and theme design

    Add a complimentary table linen to make any table work with your colour theme or use a pretty vintage dresser or a distressed wooden door as your surface tabletop. Simplify the surrounding and emphasize the feature sweets.

    Make those sweets last

    As if your guests won’t already love you for supplying them with a candy bar make it last a little bit longer by adding some cute candy bags on the side of the table. You can always personalize the little bags so they can remember the party even after they have left! After all, the more candy that is left over, the more is going straight into the belly of yours.

    Name your candy

    You can create cute little signs for each of the varieties of treats. Use ribbon to tie this onto the glassware or utilize those cute patterned scissors to create little card stock signage. When creating the labels take note to your colour choice, texture and font of your stationery.

    Your candy bar will be a sure hit if you follow these steps. It will be a conversation piece and memorable activity amongst your guests. Hopefully it will spark nostalgia and will be a stunning feature to your decor. Have fun with creating your own candy table. I hope for your sake that there's not too many leftovers….

    xo Jilly

    Photo Credit: Vintage Origami 

  • Aug 08

    Extreme Friendships Last Forever: a Guest Post from Ty Pennington!

    August 8, 2013 • 12:30 pm

    Hey everyone, Ty here. I’m pumped to start contributing to Jillian’s website. Seriously wicked re-design… and her recipes? Don’t even get me started.

    I had such a blast working with Jillian on Extreme. It was definitely one of the greatest jobs of my life and I’m sure she can agree. Since the show ended we haven’t had the opportunity to design together like the good old days, but we’ve kept in contact and continue to share our inspirations however we can.

    Here’s a quick blast from the past…

    Behind-the-scenes fun… foot salad lunch break. Ha!

    We’re on a deadline Jillian… Ha!

    Seriously who wouldn’t want to work with this goof?  (dug this pic up just for you, Jillian)

    Anyways, I recently re-launched my website too, so I hope you’ll check it out. There’s a lot of design, DIY and inspirational posts, not to mention I have my own crew of contributors who are keeping things fresh.

    - Ty Pennington 


    Visit Ty’s new website at http://typennington.com/

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