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    Clare or Nikki: Who Will Juan Pablo Choose?!

    March 10, 2014 • 4:35 pm

    Annnnd another "dramatic" Bachelor finale is only hours away!

    It's been fun watching the last couple of episodes and trying to guess who Juan Pablo will pick, especially since Justin and I got to meet him when we were in Miami. 

    While drinking our last cocktails together in the Miami heat, Juan Pablo said..."Do not miss the March 10th episode." That's right, STRAIGHT from the Horse's Mouth. So, even though this is our first day in Hawaii, we will be making our way back to the room to see who he ends up picking!! He definitely did pique our interest!!!

    I really do think that he's going to pick one of the ladies, but I don't think he'll be getting down on one knee tonight. I'm not even sure if I can confidently say that he's still with whoever he chose, just over 3 months after the show finished filming. The question though is whether that girl is Nikki or Clare? My answer is Nikki, but that's only because that's what I've read in the tabloids and on social media. 

    I think that the two girls he had the strongest connection with are the ones who left: Charlene & Andi. I think he was very attracted to the "cerebral connections" he had with them, and even though I know he said he didn't like that Andi argued when she left, I secretly think he did.

    I felt bad watching the girls gang up on Juan Pablo during The Women Tell All. I felt like they all forgot that they signed up to be on "The Bachelor". Yes, he may have not been the best at handling all the women's feelings, but let's face it, dealing with that many hormones is not an easy task. For a man to do well in this situation, he needs to be very in touch with his feelings and great at communicating, which are two qualities that Juan Pablo may have been lacking. 

    I'm also just going to throw this out there, but I have a sneaky suspicion that he is now dating someone who was on the show, but isn't either Nikki or Clare. Justin is right here beside me and he thinks Juan is "hunting for penguins in Canada right now with Charlene." Interesting....

    What do you all think?!!!

    (with bated breath)

    xoxo Jilly

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    Charlene Keller March 10 2014 • 4:58pm

    Aaaaakkkkk! I can't wait to find out. Justin I think you are correct, I also think he is not done hunting penguins in Canada, you could just see the chemistry still with Sharleen on the WTA! Us Canadian Charlene's are hard to resist! haha Aloha! xo

    CycleCafes March 10 2014 • 4:58pm

    Jillian, I think you are Bang ON! I always thought JP and SHarleen had the strongest connection and although he continued to Play The Bachelor I really didnèt and donèt see him having a lasting relationship with either of the remaining girls...wishing Juan Pablo all the happiness in the future and I hope he has found it just as you have Jillian Hugs & Kisses

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