• Dec 18

    Day 10 Giveaway: Caesarstone

    December 18, 2013 • 9:00 am

    On this tenth day of Christmas, forget 10 lords a leaping…to be honest, that's too many men for me! Sooo much better than that, Caesarstone is gifting you with a gorgeous slab of their “Woodlands” Caesarstone. This piece is a beautiful mixture of dark & rich browns and delicate hints of beige & vanilla – sooo warm, inviting & comforting that it actually reminds me hot cocoa on a chilly wintery day! This beauty could be a feature in your home and at a value of $1200.00*, that’s definitely something to get excited about (more exciting than lords a leaping)!

    And as you all know, there’s really nothing I love more than design….except for my family & friends…and Justin…and Milo…okay, there may be a few things I love more than design, but it’s definitely up there on the list! So, the reason I love Caesarstone is because they use high quality quartz, which is elegant, but also practical! As a designer, having that perfect surface in your home is like the icing on a cake, so be sure check out  their website & facebook page to have a look at all of their other gorgeous quartz surface top designs as well!!

    Ho Ho Ho Happy Designing & Decorating, my lovelies

    xo Santa Jilly


    It’s Easy to Enter! Just Click Here!


     *Value of material only. Caesarstone does not cover cost of fabrication and installation.


    natfon December 18 2013 • 10:21am

    Ooooooh la la!!! We built a new home a few years ago and have quartz in our kitchen that I absolutely love, but we had to cut costs somewhere and did not put any in our bathroom. This would look great in our ensuite. After viewing Caesarstone's website and knowing the company is "Jilly approved", this giveaway makes me giddy with excitment!!

    majeda01 December 18 2013 • 10:21am

    Wow! This is so such a generous giveaway. I was just talking to my mom about getting new countertops so I can record baking videos...the ones we have now are laminate. It would be a dream come true to have something like this in our kitchen and a great gift for my mom! Love, love, love!

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