• Dec 19

    Day 11 Giveaway: Poppy Barley

    December 19, 2013 • 9:00 am

    On the eleventh day of Christmas Poppy Barley is gifting to you a Gift Certificate for a bespoke pair of shoes!! Most of you know my love of shoes, particularly boots. So, when I heard about a new made-to-wear shoe company, I just HAD to check it out and after effortlessly designing my own pair of boots that I absolutely adore, I just knew that Poppy Barley needed to be part of my 12 Days of Christmas. One lucky lady will design her own unique pair of shoes & submit her exact measurements to create shoes that are THE perfect fit! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to design their own pair of shoes and get exactly what they want…AND have them fit perfectly?! AHHHmazing!!

    Be sure to take a peek at the Poppy Barley site & facebook page for all of the shoe goodies you can create & design! I think some of the best gifts are experiences and Poppy Barley lets you gift the one-of-a-kind experience of custom shoes. I think a gift card would make the PERFECT (last minute) Christmas pressie for that special someone in your life! Oh, and with totally ethical manufacturing, you really can’t go wrong!

    Ho Ho Ho Happy Designing!

    xo Santa Jilly


    It’s easy to enter! Just Click Here


    Nancy Davis December 19 2013 • 9:14am

    Wow...so glad I'm on your email list! This "shoe/boot" site is awesome! Now we don't have to feel bad to look good! Ahhh is right! Thanks for the link...and a whole lot more Jilly!

    Nancy Davis December 19 2013 • 9:15am

    BTW...we've met before. (Home Makeover for the "little people"). I have some cute pics of us too! tee hee

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