• Dec 10

    Day 2 Giveaway: Montigo

    December 10, 2013 • 9:00 am


    On the second day of Christmas, Montigo is gifting you with one fireplace cleaning! I know what you’re thinking: “Really Jill…fireplace cleaning? Hon-est-ly…” BUT, before you get all judgy on me, I feel like I can confidently say most everybody enjoys snuggling up beside a roaring fire on a frosty winter night (whether or not Bailey’s & hot chocolate is involved is really up to you, but I think it always makes for a good evening). Anyway, I’m definitely one of those people who loves a good fire and when I do, I prefer snuggling up next to Justin and Milo (aka: Milosh. aka: Meeloshbegoosh)….obviously! With this chilly weather and the sun setting at 4:30pm these days, it's definitely fireplace weather and what makes for a better gift for yourself, or someone else (if you’re feeling generous) than fireplace cleaning? Really, there isn’t a soul out there who would admit to wanting to clean a fireplace, let alone enjoying it.

    So, the lovely people at Montigo are giving away one cleaning & servicing for your gas fireplace, which will be done by a licensed gas technician! AH-MAZING! Happy not-cleaning for one lucky winner!!! Enter to win & while you’re at it, check out Montigo’s beautiful fireplaces that could make any house feel like a home. Oh! And show them some facebook love as well :)

    Ho Ho Ho only two days in & so many more gifts to go!


    xoxo Santa Jilly


    It's Easy To Enter! Just Click Here!



    Charlene Keller December 10 2013 • 9:19am

    Merry Christmas Jilly and team! I would love this prize,, we have two fireplaces that would love some attention this holiday season. Thank you! xo

    Nancy Davis December 10 2013 • 5:36pm

    I so love our fireplace! But hubby may not agree that it needs a cleaning! I'd love to get this and prove him wrong! ; 0

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