• Dec 11

    Day 3 Giveaway: Ellie Mae

    December 11, 2013 • 9:00 am

    On the third day of Christmas, Ellie Mae gifts…a completely unique set of 3 bracelets made especially for you – fantastic! I love the fact that these bracelets were designed specifically for my 12 Days of Christmas - the beautiful combination of different semi-precious stones means that they compliment every outfit & can be worn all together or separately for totally different looks. How fun! I definitely love wearing my Ellie Mae bracelets to add a little something special to my outfit. Talk about wrist candy!!

    For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Ellie Mae is a 100% Canadian company that designs & makes their bracelets in Canada, while sourcing their stones worldwide. Ellie Mae’s bracelets are carefully created to reflect individual style, while each stone is said to have different elements of healing as well….pretty AND good for you? I think yes!!! Retails at $300.00. Check out their website for more beautifully designed bracelets & don’t forget to show their twitter & facebook some love as well!


    xoxo Santa Jilly


    Ellie Mae bracelet: 

    This Bracelet Stack of 3 features a cubic zirconium pave diamond pendant accent. They also include mystic quartz, compressed stones of ruby, lapis, sodalite and jade, as well as peridot & baby blue faceted beads to accent. All have sterling silver dusted beads. 


    It's Easy To Enter! Just Click Here!


    Shelly Whitfield December 11 2013 • 9:12am

    Gorgeous.. I love them

    firewirechick December 11 2013 • 9:20am

    Oh goodness, these are beautiful. They remind me of the vintage Christmas ornaments but for your wrist! Love! Love! Love! Fabulous arm candy!

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