• Dec 11

    DIY Design: Holiday Burlap Wreath

    December 11, 2012 • 6:00 am


    My friend Karli, her mom Shannon, and her grandmother, Shirlee made this adorable holiday wreath. I begged and begged for her to share instructions and she agreed just in time for the season! 

    Even though the directions might seem a bit lengthy, once you get the hang of cutting, tying, and gluing the burlap pieces to the wreath, this little project is a piece of Christmas cake! Haha!



    What you need:
    Wreath (foam, straw, etc)
    Hot Glue Gun (lots of glue)
    2 yard of Burlap (I used 1 yard cream, 1 yard natural)
    Scissors/ Rotary Cutter (makes the fabric cutting much faster)
    Measuring Tool (Tape Measure, Yard Stick, Square, etc)
    Chalk, pencil (something to lightly mark the burlap)

    What you do:
    1. Cut a long strip of burlap to wrap around the wreath (approx. 3“x60”), enough to cover the entire wreath when wrapped. (Measure the burlap, mark with chalk and cut, preferably leaving the measuring tool in place if using the rotary blade so it’s easier to run the blade along for accuracy, if not, scissors work fine). Glue it into place at the back to start and begin wrapping around the wreath, gluing in a few spots at the back as you are wrapping. Continue wrapping until the entire wreath is covered.

    2. Cut many squares of burlap. I started by folding the burlap fabric in half and cut through two layers to make it go faster (I cut both 3.5” and 4.5” squares of one color and varied them throughout the bunched section to give more structure and depth. You can use one size if you wish. I found the 3.5” too small on their own and the 4.5” a little large to stand up properly, but it does give a looser look). Use the same method as above to cut. (Measure the entire length, use chalk to mark lines, both lengthwise and widthwise. Cut along lines to complete the squares).

    3. Fold squares (either around the end of a pen and twist, or just gather up the corners together in your fingers, and twist it all together to hold in place while you dab a generous amount of hot glue on the bottom and stick to the wreath, holding in place for a few seconds until it adheres. Vary the sizes of squares so that each piece holds the other up. How close together you chose to place each square will determine how tight or loose your wreath ends up. I made one complete section about 6 or more inches wide of one color, then switched to the other color and repeated, ending with about 3 sections of alternating color. You can do the entire wreath one color if you choose.

    Be creative!! This wreath can be made with a variety of fabrics – patterened, textured, felt, fleece – whatever your holiday spirit wishes!

    Stay tuned for another DIY holiday project you can make using the extra burlap from this!

    Xox, Jilly

    Ps. BIG KISSES AND HUGS go out to Karli and her mom and grandma for sharing this. Follow her on Istagram and Twitter @karlidalton


    honaker13 January 9 2014 • 8:16am

    Love! What size wreath form did you use? Thanks!

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