• Oct 29

    Don't we all want to travel more?

    October 29, 2013 • 6:10 pm

    A guest post from Charlie Ford Vintage

    The reason for every journey is this: In a journey, discoveries are made. 

    This week’s theme sale is for everyone! Because, don’t we all just want to travel more? 

    But before we get deeper into the amazing World Traveler collection, we want to share a little insight on how we work. Here, at Charlie Ford Vintage, we don't just buy and then sell antiques. We partner with amazing antique stores across Canada and we work together to select the best on their inventory.

    When we then list an item on Charlie Ford Vintage we help our parters expand their market, but most importantly WE help YOU, by taking all the guess work out of ‘antiquing’ and making it easy to own precious unique pieces. But this week we added something new & fun!

    Look for this sticker to identify Jillian’s personal collection on Charlie Ford Vintage. They mark handpicked antiques from Jillian Harris personal collection as well as the highlights from her treasure hunt through Europe.

    SHOP THE BLOG!  and make sure to look for Jillian's personal and fabulous travel finds.


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