• Aug 23

    Dress Up Your Dorm

    August 23, 2011 • 8:00 am

    Since it’s back to school time I’ve been thinking about any of you guys that might be headed off to college this fall! I know that the dorm rooms at most schools are far from stylish so I thought I’d draft up a glamorous little dorm room to show you how to dress up your space.


    1)Room&Board 2)UrbanOutfitters 3)Wake Up Frankie 4) MoMA Store 5) PB Teen 6) Overstock 7) Anthropologie

    Like the look? Here are some of my dorm room tips to remember:

    1. Go for functionality. Since you’re working with such a small space, items that are practical and stylish (like the jewelry tree or the fun orange trunk pictured above) will make your space feel cleaner and more organized. Try thinking of unique ways to store what you know you’ll need- like cute wicker baskets for all of your electronics, or colorful, glass vases for highlighters and pens.
    2. Don’t splurge on your bedding. Okay this might be an obvious one but since you’re only going to be in that tiny dorm of yours for one year don’t go for extravagant bedding. Urban Outfitters has a ton of adorable and affordable bedding for twin beds (like the bedding pictured above!).
    3. Get artsy. Art is probably not the first necessity that comes to mind when you’re shopping for your dorm but inexpensive art can make such a huge difference in the style of your space! Consider framed posters, framed photos of your family or even try framing your favorite silk scarves- they make colorful, fun and cheap artwork!
    4. Make it yours. This is a theme on this site of mine but that’s because I think personalized design is the best design! So bring all of those little, unique details that make your room feel distinctly yours. Whether it’s your retro records hanging on the wall, a photo collage of your best friends, or a quilt from your Grandma that always reminds you of home- bring it with you! Personal touches are the most important thing if you want your dorm to feel less dorm-y and more home-y.

    If you need any other design tips for your new dorm or apartment check out my thoughts on pattern mixing here or get my take on personalized artwork in this post.

    Do you have any thoughts on dorm room style? Share your must-have items and lessons learned below!


    NoraEssien May 28 2013 • 6:15pm

    Hello, my name is Nora Essien. I am a student at Mercer University in Macon, GA. I recently got an apartment with 2 other friends and we have no idea where to start. Considering that our school is way too expensive, we have no idea where to look or what to get that would be wallet-friendly cause we're super cheap. We all have unique styles (mine is Black and off- White sophisticated and elegant; Ashley likes Purple everything [she cray cray]; Stefany likes anything cute), so what suggestions do you have for us?

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