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    Fall Finds: Bangin' Boots

    September 5, 2011 • 8:00 am

    There’s a love in my life that’s lasted for years. This love has seen me through all seasons; kept me warm on chilly nights; flattered me; walked through the hard times with me; and always made me feel happy, comfortable and beautiful.

    So today I say, Boots, I will always love you.

    You’ve seen me rocking my beloved boots too many times to count (okay well there was this time and this time and then here too…) so you guys know I’m not lying when I say I’m seriously faithful to my signature style!

    Since we found some good spring options a few months ago I figured it was only right for us to discuss boots for the upcoming fall season!

    So check out my favorites (in a few different varieties):

    6106967992:Yahoo:photoBooties (from left to right): TopShop, Piperlime, My-Wardrobe, Heels, Bloomingdales
    Western: J Crew, Nordstrom, Zara, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom
    Equestrian: Antrhopologie, Zappos, Saks Fifth Avenue, Victoria's Secret, Zappos
    Wellies: Target, Net-A-Porter, My Theresa, Hunter Boot, Hunter Boot

    Which style do you like best? It’s hard for me to choose because they’re all so cute! Also, I have to say if you’re thinking on investing in some classic pieces for your wardrobe this fall boots are a great investment. They’ll last forever and only get better as they are more broken in, plus they work with just about every single outfit- trust me!

    P.S. Want some more Fall fashion? You might like this post on the season’s best coats!


    boots4335 August 24 2013 • 1:03pm

    Out of the styles posted, I would pick the Equestrian ones! :-) I would love to see all the boots you own!!

    Nancy Davis January 24 2014 • 8:02am

    You do know how to rock some boots Jilly!

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