• Oct 25

    Food Friday: Apple Tuna Melt

    October 25, 2013 • 10:30 am

    I've been making tuna melts since I was in diapers pretty much... well, maybe that's a stretch, but it's been a long long time!! And with so many years of practice, I really think I've found the PERFECT addition to the classic melt - apples! They add a sweetness, a freshness, and a crunch. Combined with the sharpest cheddar cheese you can get you hands on and you have a really grown up tuna melt. 

    Try it this weekend & let me know what you think!!!

    xo Jilly


    Makes 4-5 servings

    2 BC Ambrosia apples, unpeeled, diced finely

    Juice of 1 medium lemon

    2 cans tuna, drained

    3 green onions, chopped

    Enough mayo to stick it together (about 5 Tbsp)

    2 cups grated sharp cheddar - I always say, the older the better!!

    1 fresh loaf of rye, sour dough or your favourite artisan bread

    Olive oil or butter



    Mix apple, lemon juice, tuna, onion, mayo and half a cup of the cheese.

    Slice loaf in half. Brush with olive oil or butter.

    Spread apple mixture on each half.

    Sprinkle cheese on top.

    Place under broiler until cheese melts, about 4 minutes. If you prefer the finished product to be crispier, toast the bread before topping with tuna and cheese and broiling.

    Cut & serve!!


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    funkymunky8585 October 27 2013 • 2:36pm

    Oh man... I always put apples in my tuna salad. I love the sweet crunch. Never thought to add it to a melt! Brilliant...

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