• Aug 16

    Food Friday: Feeling Peachy with my Favourite Peach Sangria

    August 16, 2013 • 11:00 am

    So... I may have gone for an impromptu peach picking session last weekend (shhh don't tell BC Tree Fruits!!) & I got inspired. The Okanagan peaches are just SO incredible juicy & sweet this time of year, how could I not take advantage living amoungst such deliciousness?? I thought there no better time than now to share my delicious peach sangria with you - summer doesn’t last forever!!

    Since it's so sizzling hot in this summer, liquids tend to go down that much easier. I have been known to enjoy my margaritas, vino, and some refreshingly icy cold beer, but last weekend I was all about my peach sangria. It’s the perfect recipe to make when hosting all your favourite peachy peeps!!

    Makes one jug

        2 Bottles of Rose Wine (I used Mission Hill Rosé)

        1 1/2 cup of Peach Vodka

        1 pound of BC Tree Fruits peaches

        1 cut pineapple

        1 cup of green seedless grapes (frozen)

        4 cups of sparking water

        Fill the rest of container with ice & voila!!!



    xo Jilly


    Photographer: Sharla Pike


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