• Aug 30

    Food Friday: Lavender Vodka Mojito - oh my!

    August 30, 2013 • 10:30 am

    Can you visualize it? Justin & me walking strolling meadows hand in hand picking us some beautifully fragrant lavender and fresh mint leaves? Sounds romantic, right?? Well, it was!! BUUUUUT (and it's a big but) our crazy asses ain't THAT innocent! We were just thirsty for some icy cold fresh mojitos!!! Oh, my mother would be proud....

    I do have to pat myself on the back for this one though.... cuz damn they were good!! The floral elements of the lavender brought out just the perfect amount of sweetness, and swapping the rum for vodka allowed the natural fresh mint to really come through.

    Summer will not stay forever, people, and although these will be delicious any time of the year, NOW is really the only time you can feel good about sitting on a patio all Saturday afternoon sippin' some icy & deliciously stiff drinks. After all, it's all about spending time in "nature" right???

    This is easy-peasy. Makes 4. 



    8-10 sprigs of lavender

    4 leaves of mint PER serving, so in this case 16-20 mint leaves

    4 tablespoons of sugar

    1/4 cup of warm water


    4 oz premium vodka (I used Grey Goose)

    San Pellegrino or Perrier

    Squeeze of lime



    In a mortar & pestle, lightly grind up the mint and lavender (keep a few for garnish)   

    In a separate container with lid, add sugar, warm water, ground lavender & lime .... Shake vigorously to open up the flavours into the water & to emulsify & melt the sugar.

    Fill up four cups full of ice, pour one shot of vodka per glass, a squeeze of lime and then your lavender mixture.

    Top up with sparkling water, garnish & enjoy!!! 

    xo Jilly


    DanielaBiagi September 6 2013 • 5:44am

    This looks delish! and decorative! You style a pretty cool drink!

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