• Aug 23

    Food Friday: My 2 "Give It To Me Quick" Recipes

    August 23, 2013 • 10:30 am

    I love summer recipes that are easy and quick to make, so I made up something you could all make with only a few ingredients & minimal time in the kitchen…. that means more sunshine time, sangria time, and scoping out hot men time!!!

    My Strawberry Basil Heaven


        Ancient Grain Toast

        Goat Cheese


        Fresh Basil


    Toast your pieces of bread, spread the goat cheese, cut up the strawberries, load it with thin slices of fresh basil pieces & sprinkle with a touch of salt & pepper. Easy-peasy.

    My Provençal Summer Bite


        Ancient Grain Toast

        Ricotta or Cottage Cheese

        Cooked Asparagus




    Step 1: Cook the asparagus on a pan for low temperature for 5 - 8 minutes, squeeze some lemon (if you like a little zest) & add some thyme. If you like your asparagus crispy, throw it in a bowl full of ice for a couple of minutes.

    Step 2: Toast your pieces of bread, load it up with ricotta or cottage cheese, lay your asparagus on top of the cottage cheese, cut up little pieces of scallions & sprinkle with salt & pepper. DE-LISH.


    It's that simple: ready to be eaten & time to get back to far more important things!!!

    xo Jilly


    Amelia Marie August 23 2013 • 10:36am

    These recipes are so Provençal! So simple but packed with flavor, thanks Jill!! Looking forward to hearing the winners of your Jouer giveaway!!! xox

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