• Apr 13

    Food Friday: My Easter Dinner

    April 13, 2012 • 6:00 am

    I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend last week. I hosted a few friends, my parents, cousins Tori and Charles, Terry, Chelsea, baby Cooper, Granny, Aunt Pat, Aunt Mary, and cousin Samantha (well, she lives with me so I guess she doesn’t count as a guest… :) ) at my new place and thought I’d share my menu and some pictures! 

    I set everything up on the patio, which worked out wonderfully:


    Here’s our Easter menu:

    Strawberry Basil Sangria


    2 bottles of inexpensive Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc (any dry white wine will do!)
    1 bottle of soda or Pellegrino (I used the grapefruit Pellegrino)
    1/4 cup of creamed honey (warmed up if solid)
    2 cups of sliced strawberries
    1 gala apple, diced
    1 handful of basil

    1.    Mix all ingredients in a decanter or punch bowl
    2.    Let sit 3-6 hours
    3.    Add ice and enjoy!

    Herbed Salad (so fresh and crispy!) 


    Salad Ingredients
    1 head of butter lettuce
    6 cups of baby arugula
    1 cucumber, sliced thinly
    2 bunches of radishes, sliced thinly
    1/4 cup of chopped fresh dill
    1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley
    1/4 cup of finely chopped chives

    Dressing Ingredients
    1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
    1/4 of champagne
    1/2 cup of Olive Oil
    1 finely diced small shallot
    2 teaspoons of grainy mustard
    1 teaspoon of creamed honey
    Ground kosher salt & pepper to taste

    Apricot & Peach Ham

    Store bought precooked ham
    1/2 jar of apricot preserve
    3 tablespoons of grainy mustard
    1/4 cup of canned peach juice (in this case I used my aunty Mary's organic peaches)
    3 sliced peaches as garnish

    1. Mix all glaze ingredients and pour half over ham.  
    2. Secure peach slices on ham with a water soaked toothpick or clove.   
    3. When Ham is almost done, pour the rest of the glaze over - super easy!

    Leg of Lamb
    I was a bit nervous about Lamb since I had never made it before – but Sam, Aunty Mary and Steph are from New Zealand so I wanted to do something special for them! I think it helped that my Leg of Lamb was an Organic, free range New Zealand Lamb –it was SO juicy and tender!  I was sure not to over cook it.

    1 3lb leg of lamb
    5-6 sprigs of thyme
    1/2 lemon, juiced
    2 teaspoons of grainy mustard
    1 garlic clove, crushed
    Ground kosher salt & pepper (just a few twists!)
    1 tablespoon of honey (preferably creamed but any will do!)

    1. Mix up marinade and try to marinate at least 3-6 hours (however I only had time for an hour and it turned out great!).
    2. Roast the lamb in a preheated oven at about 410 until the top is golden brown.
    3. Reduce head to 350 and cook for another 50-60 minutes.  
    4. When the Lamb is all done squeeze the remaining juice from your lemon over – slice and serve!

    Ricotta Mashed Potatoes
    4-6 Yukon gold peeled potatoes, cut into approximated 3 inch chunks
    2 tablespoons of butter
    1/4 cup of whipping cream
    1 cup of Ricotta
    1 handful of fresh or dried chives
    1 teaspoon of ground kosher salt

    1. Boil potatoes until soft when poked with a fork
    2. Add butter, whipped cream, ricotta, chives, and salt
    3. Mash & serve!

    Pecan & Sweet Potato Bake

    Gluten Free Key Lime Pie (by Mom)


    And not pictured (sorry!) we had:

    Beet Rolls (by Granny)

    Lazy Cabbage Rolls (by Aunty Pat)

    Fresh Rolls (by Tori)

    Think you’re going to try out any of the recipes above? Let me know! Also, what did you serve this Easter?

    Happy weekend to you!

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