• Sep 04

    Hey kids, I'm going back to school, too!!

    September 4, 2013 • 10:30 am

    Ha!! My grade 3 teacher would probably have a heart attack - don't worry, Mrs. McGrath, I'm just dressing the part!! You could say that I may have had a little too much gumption as a child... that would come out of my mouth in an endless stream...(so says every report card. EVER.) Not the quiet chair again!!

    Even though I was definitely a tomboy as a child, I always had a very careful strategy for "the big reveal" of my new back to school clothes. I bet I can guess that most of you wore your very favourite new outfit on the very first day of school - am I right??? Well, I guess this is perhaps where my overload of "gumption" came in handy: first day of school was my second favourite outfit, second day of school was my first favourite outfit. Why??? Because the second day was the first FULL day and therefore MUCH MUCH more important. Come on, people!! Oh, the intricacies of childhood, eh??

    I wore this outfit a couple weeks back for a Charlie Ford Vintage media day. Perhaps I just wanted to play a little make-believe teacher's pet (because, let's get honest, that is DEFINITELY make-believe!!) or perhaps I wore it because Justin is into the whole "teacher" thing....you'll never know!!! ;) But, damn, this actually kinda DOES make me want to go back to school! 

    What was your favourite thing about the first week back to school? The new pencil crayons? The fresh notebooks? The cute boys??? 

    xo Jilly



    luka September 9 2013 • 7:56am

    Hi Jillian! You wore a camel peplum sweater on a recent episode if Love it or List it, do you happen to know what brand it is? I loved it! Thank you!

    mkmalls35 September 12 2013 • 7:34am

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