• May 11

    How to Rock a Tutu

    May 11, 2011 • 11:45 am


    I am all about rocking a tutu. They're so much fun! I actually have my very own tutu source that I’m thrilled to share with you. My friend Jana’s company is called Olivia Valentina and she does custom tutu’s!


    I asked if she could share with all of you a little bit about her tutu biz and she was all for it.


    Here’s Jana:


    On how she started making tutu’s.

    I started making tutu’s because I was obsessed with dressing up my beautiful new baby girl, Olivia Valentina in cute frilly things, and couldn’t find a tutu that I liked!

    I am so in love with Olivia & everything about being a mom. She inspires me everyday! My heart is as full as my tutu’s!


    On why she keeps making them.

    My favorite part of making them is adorning each one with beautiful, pretty little ribbons, bows, buttons, flowers, and everything girly. No two are exactly the same. I really love the reaction I get when a customer sees my tutu on their little bundle. I feel like my tutu’s are little flouncy bundles of true love! They embody what a little girl is all about.


    Any weird requests?

    The strangest request I’ve had came today! A woman in Guelph Ontario asked me to make her hamster a lime green and zebra print tutu! I’m working on it now!


    Advice for wearing a tutu.

    What I’d tell a woman who wants to rock a tutu is this: It’s all about confidence! Like I’ve said my tutu’s embody everything girly; Embrace your gorgeous self, and go for it! They are fun, flirty, & fantastic. Just like the women who wear them.


    If you’ve got a tutu, I want to see it! Post pics of you in your tutu and I’ll pick my favorites and share them in a future post!


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