• Sep 01

    I'm Looking for the Room of the Month!

    September 1, 2011 • 8:00 am


    Hi guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday- happy September! I always love reading your design comments and tips here on the site so I decided to start a member spotlight and feature a Room of the Month submitted by one of you!

    I’ll be looking for pretty interior design, personal touches and standout style that will inspire all of us! Of course this is real life so don’t worry if it isn’t perfect- this is all in good fun. To have your room featured as the Room of the Month all you need to do is snap a picture (or a few pictures) of your favorite room in your home, upload it to your profile here on the site, and click submit (to the right of the image). If you need help uploading your pictures check out this post.

    There’s no guidelines for the type of room so just pick your favorite and be sure to tell me a little bit about the space and what inspired your design. At the end of this month I’ll announce the Room of the Month and also share my favorite things about the room’s interior design.

    I CANNOT wait to see the rooms you stylish gals and guys submit! Which room in your home do you think you’ll submit?


    risacheer June 22 2013 • 9:10am

    I absolutely love this photo. Lots of color but not like you are trying too hard. I am working on a design board but I am having difficulty trying to put it all together. I have an open floor plan and its for the living/kitchen area. I have a couch and cabinets to work around. Any suggestions on the order to build it from? Thanks!

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