• Nov 07

    Justin Pasutto: Sleeping Out for Homeless Youth

    November 7, 2012 • 4:00 am


    I’m SO proud of this guy!! :)

    Justin has been such a big part of my life. If you follow us both on twitter you’ll see we’re pretty much head over heels and it’s no secret why. The guy has a heart of gold!!! Next week he will be participating in an AMAZING cause to raise money and awareness for homeless youth in Vancouver.

    On November 15th, my babe will be sleeping outside to experience the hardships faced by people everyday, and he needs all the support we can give!!

    Show your love friends! It means the world to him (and me!).

    I’ve already donated, but every bit helps. If you’d like to support Justin, click here to donate. Even a few dollars count because everything that is donated will be matched!

    Have you donated to a special cause? Share your stories and experiences in the comments below!


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