• Feb 13

    Last Minute Valentine's DIY

    February 13, 2014 • 10:20 am

    Even though there is only one day left before V-day, there are many quick DIY projects you can still pull off in time!!! And this lovely heart wreath is one of them. In fact, one day before you need it, is actually the best time to do this and have it look at its nicest and freshest.

    You can use it as valentine decor for your home. It would also make a beautiful gift for anyone! Or why not leave this cute valentine surprise in the workspace of a loved one???

    It's extra easy and you'll only need: wire, a few flowers and an hour at max!!Directions

    Start with a wire circle, about 18” in diameter. Because my wire was not thick/strong enough, I tripled the wire and twisted it so it would all become one stem. Afterwards, just with my hands, I shaped it into a heart.

    With the wire heart form done, I started to place the plants. They held pretty good just by inserting and twisting  the plant into the twisted wire.  I first filled the whole perimeter with the green filler plant (the green filler - is almost always added for free when you buy flowers) And then I finished with adding just a few cute flowers.

    I personally love this delicate, sheer look but you can obviously put as many flowers as you see want.

    Tip - To tame little stems that that don't want to stay how you want to, use green colored thread. Just tight it once or twice with a little knot and voila!Filled with love, excitement and anticipation: Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    xoxo Jilly


    Katherine.Thoma February 19 2014 • 5:20am

    Hi Jillian if I was looking to get my home designed by you how would I go about doing that?

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