• Feb 07

    My Bachelor Recap: Episode 6

    February 7, 2012 • 2:45 pm

    Holy, what a freak show! Loincloths (which was awesome) tears (standard) and major awkwardness (the kind you have to look away from).

    Le sigh. I have such a girl crush on Kacie B! I mean I’ve been here before and I hate when people used to say this to me but I HOPE HE PICKS HER! If not then its totally cool because then she won’t be busy doing media after the show and that will make her much more available to be my friend.

    I was feeling bad for Kacie B and Ben on their date- roughing it out there, until we saw those overflowing flutes of champagne! Sign me up for a deserted island excursion if that’s on the agenda!

    Next up was the scandalous little group date with Ben lookin’ sassy in his loincloth… Ben Flajnik come on, tell us… what was underneath!??! A speedo? Nothing? I promise your secret is safe with me and all of my very trusty readers.

    Oh and Courtney’s bare boobs were also roaming free!

    Would you have gone all natural or do you think it’s just too much? I mean… I remember on Jason’s season when we had to make those molds of our boobs. I near wanted to die of embarrassment – lets just say they don’t call me Bee Stings for nothing. So would I go bare? Mmmm looking back, no. But now I’m proud of my little tarts (after all they haven’t changed since I got them back in ’93) but still … there are certain rules while going on national television – showing your bare tata’s is definitely in the top 3 no no’s – unless your on "Jersey Shore" of course.

    Once again, Courtney dominated Ben’s time and showed some super aggressive moves. She keeps asking why the other girls are making it easy on her… I think it’s because the other girls actually like each other and are trying to be respectful! I get it on both sides though, your time’s limited so you do have to go out of your comfort zone to an extent…

    I thought that this two-on-one date would be the height of awkwardness for the episode:

    …but then the Jamie mounting assault happened. Poor girl, that was SO awkward to watch. Her instruction guide was pretty intense- she must really want a do-over. In all my years watching the show (post my stint) there hasn't been much that has really shocked me … but this one got me (good job Fleiss!). I seriously slithered off the couch squealing for her.

    What did you guys think of Casey S’ farewell? I would feel for Casey S more if I wasn't so insanely jealous of that adorable romper- which, by the way, the Posessionista has told me is from Urban Outfitters… she’s like my persona clothing sniper. But seriously – I didn’t really get the drama with Casey.

    Tell me what you thought of last night’s episode below! Did you think it was right for Casey S to go home? Who are your favorites?

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