• Mar 07

    My Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All

    March 7, 2012 • 5:00 am

    Well my friends, I have to say I had a feeling this week's episode of “The Bachelor” might make me feel a little… blah… and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

    First up, can we discuss how much the ladies stepped it up in the style department last night? Huge improvement from the season- way to go loves! When Shawntel came back again I was nervous for her, but good for her for standing up to those girls about their horrible comments. When someone comments on the size of your thighs you know they’ve got their own issues to handle. I thought Emily’s comment to Shawntel was very cool and hit the nail on the head.


    I was nervous to watch “The Bachelor Vegas Reunion” part of the show- who wants to watch their ex sugarcoat the circumstances of your breakup on national TV? Eeeek! I guess it's best to keep it simple, although it did strike a little nerve... oh well. Some of my twitter followers were asking me why I wasn’t there, and that’s because it was my cousin Samantha (link to diy headboard post)’s 21st birthday and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Family is more important.


    The much-awaited Courtney segment was a nice little reminder that she actually is human. I’m not sure if she feels sorry for her actions or sorry for herself, but it was clear that Courtney was genuinely upset. I can’t imagine having that many girls coming at you like that. As they, say… Karma is a big, giant b*tch!

    And even though Courtney’s presence was juicy, I was personally most excited for the BLOOPER REEL! I was hoping there’s be farting and pepperoni but unfortunately I was let down.

    Just for kicks, here’s how to do a blooper reel the right way:

    I really love pepperoni- what can I say?!!

    Leave me your comments about The Women Tell All in the comments below- were you surprised by anything? Are you doing anything special for the finale next week?

    PS I have to tell you guys, my fave, Kacie B is on twitter!! Follow her here.

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