• Jun 24

    My Bachelorette Recap: Episode 6

    June 24, 2014 • 10:00 am

    WHOOOAAAAAA….does anyone feel like this season is WAAAYYY more emotional and dramatic than previous seasons?!?! I feel like I’m on a roller coaster watching every episode!  Good thing I had my glass of Jacob’s Creek Moscato to accompany me for the ride!!!!!!! Not only does it have a light, refreshing taste, but Jacob's Creek also loves the Bachelorette just as much as I do!!! Join them every Monday and tweet along during the Bachelorette using the hashtag #MoscatoMonday!!

    First off, Venezia!!!!!! Such a beautiful romantic city!! Andi chose to forgo the first date card and snatch Nick right from the get go. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s something about him that I’m still not loving!!!! I don’t know if it’s because he tends to have so much tension with the other guys, or if he’s too cocky or what, but it will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out. I have a feeling that Andi is falling HARRRD for Nick and I don’t think I want her to!!!!!! But hey, it’s not up to me right? ;)

    The group dates are getting smaller and smaller, and we’re finally getting to see different sides of everyone. I thought the lie detector test was a great idea!!! I mean there’s NO reason to lie to Andi, and she wanted to test the guys to see how honest they’re really being during this process! To be honest, based on all the drama and tension going on….I don’t blame her ONE BIT for being curious!!!!

    Josh’s reaction to the test was soooooo sketchy….just take the test, be honest and be done with it!!!! WHAT are you hiding?!?! Still feeling very skeptical about him, and I totally thought he had a chance of going home this week for sure!!!!!! Why does everyone love him so much????

    Awwwwww Chris, you little secret admirer you!!! Very sweet and romantic of him to find a way to express his feelings when there is so much of a time constraint put between their relationship. He seems so sincere – although he does get rather angry and heated when different opinions arise among the group. Is that a good thing or bad thing???? What do you guys think?

    Marcus, my god!!!!! His smile can reeeeally melt a woman’s heart, and I think it’s SOOO fantastic that he’s admitted he’s falling in love with Andi!!! As of right now, he is my front-runner for sure because I can’t find ONE thing wrong about him, other than the fact that he can be shy at times!! Gooooo Marcus!

    I didn’t get a good vibe from Cody from the start, mostly because of his fashion sense….but he did prove that he has an amazing heart, and LOTS of love to give. HOWEVER, it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable to listen to him go on and on about why he deserved to stay and how Andi would fall in love with him the more time she spent with him….it doesn’t work like that buddy!!!! Let a girl make her own decisions and feel her own feelings at her own pace! Andi made the right call in sending him home now, because we all know if he stayed any longer, he would be EVEN MORE devastated getting sent home than he was this week!

    In the end, JJ went home as well. I did initially like him, but I could tell even on their first “old couple” date that it wouldn’t go very far with the two of them. They didn’t seem like they connected as well as the other pairing and their relationship seemed more of a fun friendship than anything!!!! Man oh man that was a lot to cover!!!! Good thing is I still had the rest of my Jacobs Creek Moscato bottle in hand ready to relax before bed!!!!! And GOOD NEWS!!! Jacob’s Creek is currently hosting a Twitter contest, so don’t miss out!!!!

    To enter, follow and tweet @JacobsCreekCA with the hashtag #MoscatoMonday for a chance to win a five-star hotel suite for you and three friends, specialty spa services, AND a personal photographer to snap your BEST Instagram photos EVERRRR!!!!! Sound like an amazing prize or whaaaat?!?? Who doesn’t love relaxation, photos and friends?????

    Until next week….CHEERS everyone!!




    karenann38 June 24 2014 • 10:20am

    Love Moscato!!!!! My favorite!!!!

    anni522 June 24 2014 • 10:44am

    Totally agree with you, there's something about Nick that makes me uneasy he's got a look in his eye that I just don't like... Josh oh Josh, he's your typical bad boy to me, BUT I do think he's being honest with Andi and I think she'll keep him around because he keeps her on her toes, that's not always a bad thing. And I also agree with you on Marcus, those EYES!!! He seems like a very genuine guy too, really like him. My vote goes for Marcus and well the bad boy Josh ;-) Can't wait to see this all unfold. I'm loving this season as much as yours....PS I love watching you on Love it or List it, you guys are a riot!!! XOXO from Miami!!!

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