• Apr 22

    Our DIY's for Baby Mesnick's Nursery

    April 22, 2013 • 10:35 am

    Shame on @danavaleria and I... we did these AMAZING DIY's for Riley Anne's nursery and you'd think we would have grabbed a pad of paper to write down HOW we did these things, we were so into the space that we completely forgot to make notes!!! HAHA, But here's a fun tidbit for you... you know the gorgeous canopy above the crib?! We had to get creative with this one and you're going to giggle when I tell you that it's hung using toilet paper roll hardware! Think about it... Those things are pretty stylish these days and it worked perfectly to tie the white canopy strings to it. You'd never know that it was meant to hold a roll of TP!

    There are a couple of DIY's to check out, the first being this gorgeous letter M (for Mesnick) that we constructed out of foam core and lights from Target. It's a great piece that literally adds "character" to the space and brings a really classy look to the room without going overboard in cost! Here's what you need to create this marquee...

    • Foam core
    • Exacto knife
    • Ruler
    • Masking tape

    Once the letter was completed and put together, we applied:

    • Gesso - 2 coats to cover all the masking tape
    • Acrylic paint - 2 coats
    • Finishing spray - 1 coat

    Once everything is dry, you have to screw the light bulbs through the letter. We got the clear light globes at Target:


    Molly Mesnick, Dana Valeria & Jilly


    DIY Onesie: I ♥ My Interior Designer

    Of course we couldn't leave Molly & Jason's home without making sure baby Riley Anne had a stylish outfit from Jillian Harris Design;) Racing through Target to get clear bulbs for the marquee we decided to grab a plain white onesie and a graphic t-shirt making kit to make our very own onesie for baby Mesnick! At the time we had no idea Riley Anne was a girl so now I'm ECSTATIC that she gets to sport this cute onesie that we made! What a sweet baby shower gift idea!... it’s useful AND personable!

    Happy Monday!

    Jilly xo


    KateK April 22 2013 • 4:46pm

    This is impeccable!! Where is the wallpaper from???

    brookenatasha April 28 2013 • 8:46pm

    Hi! :) I would also love to know where the wallpapers' from... along with a few other questions! What is foamcore/where do you buy it? Do you know somewhere in Canada that would sell those same lightbulbs? Would it be a store like Rona? And lastly... where's the love love love you print from?! i love love love it! :)

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