• Jan 22

    Playing Dress Up!

    January 22, 2014 • 10:30 am

    I’m sure this is the same for so many ladies out there, but when I was growing up, I had this magical trunk full of dress up costumes that I kept in the corner of my bedroom. Along with my cousins, I would spend hours dressing myself up in princess-y type clothes and then parading around the yard. I mean, we were royalty and that’s just what any princess would do. We wore everything from tutus, to floofy skirts, to lacy dresses and rhinestone-encrusted shirts - I swear we wore it all and probably at the same time!!! 

    Although my clothing tastes may have changed (ever so slightly) since I was a girl, my love for dressing up in whimsical outfits reminiscent of my childhood definitely has not! When I get the chance to dress up in fun, flitty (okay, so it’s not a real word, but it just feels like it should be one) and playful outfits, trust me, I seize the opportunity!! So, a little while back, the lovely Monika Hibbs came over for a visit & DIY project and we had the opportunity to play around in some party skirts! I love the idea of mixing pieces that don’t really seem like they should go together, but somehow just end up working. So, I mixed casual with classy and paired my polka dot skirt with an oversized sweatshirt. It ended up being the ideal outfit for a fun outing, like lunch with my cousins, or a mid-week dinner date with Justin. And along with my furry hat, which kind of reminds me of Russia (don’t worry, it was faux!), cheeky little Milo was the perfect accessory for playing dress up.

    xoxo Jilly


    Get the look:

    Coco & Yves Sweatshirt from XO Bella (in Kits) | Party Skirt via Shop By Monika | Ainsley Bracelet via Stella & Dot | Faux Fur Hat via TopShop (similar) | Essie “Geranium” Nailpolish via Nordstrom 


    Jacqueline Lahaise January 23 2014 • 9:02pm

    Can we talk about what products you use on your hair/your hair regimen? I have MAJOR hair envy. Seriously. So jelly of Jilly's hair. LOL

    Nancy Davis January 24 2014 • 8:08am

    I want to wear almost everything you show us that you wear! Just not sure that the extra 30 lbs on me would rock it like you do! Also, did you ever announce the xmas giveaways?? Have a beautiful day! Nancy

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