• May 24

    Post-Baby Summer Slim Down Routine

    May 24, 2012 • 6:00 am


    Now that my cousin Tori is a mommy to baby Charlie, she’s been working hard to lose the baby weight. To shake it up and make it a little more fun for her, the other day my cousin Sam and I decided to join Tori's gym routine. I always say, if you can work out with friends do! Especially for new moms – it’s always important for them to remember to ask for help when they need it!

    Anyway, we got to use Charlie in our workout and I have to hand it to new moms it was hard!

    Even us non-moms liked to work out with Charlie – we switched on and off holding him (which you can do if you have buddies). Our routine included sit ups on the bench, cycling, lunges - all things that can be done with Charlie (or any baby!).

    I have a feeling Tori will be back in a bikini in no time!

    How are you slimming down for summer? I want to hear your fitness tips so share them in the comments below!

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