• May 27

    Rose Job

    May 27, 2013 • 9:35 am

    … Come on ladies, it’s not what you think!  But I got your attention, right?!  This is actually a really great tip I learned that I HAVE to share with you!

    A few weeks ago during the photo shoot for the launch of our upcoming venture, I had a bouquet of roses that I wanted to feature in a photo – but the petals weren’t quite camera ready… for lack of a better word, they needed “fluffing”… haha, luckily Christina Jenion from Classic Creations Floral Design, told me to BLOW THE ROSES!  So I literally blew the roses… and voila!  The petals were picture perfect!

    And that’s exactly how you blow a rose ladies... Happy Monday!!

    Jilly xoxo


    Photo Credit:  Sharla Pike


    sarahjill76 June 4 2013 • 5:50am

    What a great idea Jillian! And I love the way you have them displayed in this vintage looking vases...so pretty - must steal this look as I have been trying to find something fresh and pretty for my coffee table. This is just the thing!

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