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    Surprise Grandma: I Got Inked!

    August 5, 2011 • 8:00 am

    6003310596:Yahoo:photo*Granny Marge in Hawaii, 1981

    Many of you who watched The Bachelor and Bachelorette know that my Granny Marge means the world to me. We’re talking about a lady that's incredibly open minded and fun loving, with a heart bigger than you could ever imagine.

    Granny is someone that I have looked up to my entire life and with Granny, us kids could never do wrong. I remember once Tori and I picked her prize roses, sprayed the petals with her only perfume & sewed her doilies up to make potpourri packs. Even though she was likely devastated when we surprised her with our homemade gifts, I’ll never forget her grateful and cheerful reaction. To this day the poorly sewn satchel still kicks around her home.

    Earlier this spring, granny got her hip replaced and I moved in with her for a week to take care of her. I bonded with her so much and really realized how precious family is and that Grandma is one of my best friends. Now if you ask any of my cousins about G.Ma they’ll likely tell you the same story, and of course Marge has a way of making everyone feel like her favorite.


    On August first (this Monday), Margie turned 80. Throughout the years we’ve come up with some pretty creative gifts for our special lady. But with strict order that she didn’t want A THING this year, we (over a few beers of course) thought of ink. Yup. Four crazy cousins headed to the tattoo parlor to honor Granny with a tattoo.


    We now have her name on our foot as she really has been with us, every step of the way.


    I wanted to share this story with you, as I want this site to be about more than just food, fashion and design- but also about life, love and sharing what makes us happy, sad, angry, inspired, loved.

    I would love for you to share a story of someone in your family who you look up to. Would you be crazy like me and ink their name on your body?!


    samcat224 March 10 2014 • 12:05pm

    Hi Jillian! My grandmother would always pen "hugs and kisses" in every single birthday card/st. patty's day card, Christmas card since the beginning of my time. After she passed I had a tattoo artist make a copy of her "hugs and kisses" from one of my birthday cards and had it inked permanently on my foot

    Cathy Frith March 12 2014 • 7:50am

    My daughter has her deceased grandmother's signature on the nape of her neck..It is my husband's mother who passed away many years ago, I never had the opportunity to meet her, let alone my daughter.. Her signature was taken from one of my husband's elementary school report cards. My daughter looks exactly like her grandmother did at the age of 18 so this was her way of paying homage to her...

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