• May 21

    That Other Dress!

    May 21, 2013 • 11:42 am

    Last week I did a fashion blog about my China Lace dress from TOPSHOP Vancouver and how it was my favourite new dress! But as it turns out… there was ANOTHER dress that got commented on just as much as the bright blue one!! It was this light pale blue dress… quite a few of you messaged me asking where that one came from and it too is from TOPSHOP Hudson's Bay Vancouver!

    With wedding season upon us… this is the perfect summer dress to wear to your girlfriend’s wedding!... Or for going on a romantic evening out with your man!

    Jilly xoxo


    Photo Credits: Sharla Pike and Karolina Turek
    Stylist:  Alana Denham
    Make Up Artist:  Kaitlin Hargreaves


    lydiamoyers May 22 2013 • 9:56am

    I absolutely love this dress! Im pregnant and this would totally work as Im attending a wedding soon and I would love to buy this dress but I went onto the website and I cant seem to find it. It would be helpful if you provide the name of the dress or the actual link directly to it. Please be a doll and reply. I would really appreciate it. Best Regards, Momma to be.

    missygeiger May 22 2013 • 11:40am

    I'm having the same issue! What label is it? Thanks!! :)

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