• Aug 19

    The Perfect Powder Room

    August 19, 2013 • 10:50 am

    Apart from the stunning black and white kitchen in this years PNE Prize Home, one of my other favorite rooms in this house is also one of the smallest: the powder room! My plan was for it to be fresh, crisp & clean, yet still very elegant. And with the help of an amazing diamond shaped tile that I came upon and a bold touch of black, I think it turned out perfectly!!

    I don’t use pedestal sinks often because of their lack of storage and counter space but in a powder room, that really doesn’t matter... powder doesn't take up that much room!!! ;) They are an affordable option and have an antique flair to them - obviously something that I adore!!!

    Here some key pieces to get the look for your own powder room!

    1. Art - 1 & 2

    2. Sink

    3. Wall Sconce

    4. Mirror

    And - as always - don’t forget a touch of black! Whoever told you ANYTHING was the 'new black' is a liar.... she shall never be replaced!!

    I'd love to hear from you! What design elements would be most important to you in your dream powder room??

    xo Jilly

    Tickets are on sale now!  This is BC’s most affordable home lottery. The draw for the home is on September 5th.You can buy tickets online at: www.pneprizehome.ca  or call 1-877-946-4663. They are: 5 tickets for $25 or 15 for $50

    For rules of play & rules pertaining to the vehicle prizes, visit http://www.pneprizehome.ca/


    cojo1804 August 19 2013 • 6:54pm

    Toilet paper holder! I can not believe this is the comment that made me finally sign up. I think toilet paper holders are nice to have for guests, but I am constanly frustrated by how expensive the nice ones are vs. how much they probably cost to make. Anyways, just my thoughts on what a powder room needs and frustrations over the toilet paper holder.

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