• Jun 14

    Thoughtful Gifts for Dad

    June 14, 2011 • 8:00 am

    Father’s day is this Sunday (eeek!) and I’ve been busy cooking up some thoughtful gift ideas.

    I’ve always thought moms are easier to find gifts for since they love to shop and usually have a list of pretty things they like. Dads, on the other hand, are simpler creatures.

    I used to stress about the perfect gift for father’s day but now I’ve come to realize all dads truly want is good quality time.

    So here are a few ideas to make pops grin ear to ear this Sunday…

    1. Two Tickets


    Whether they’re tickets to a hockey game, comedy club or a museum exhibit, going on an adventure with Dad is probably the best gift you can give. What’s better than quality time?

    2. Car Wash Kit

    Okay, well one thing better than quality time might be a spankin’ clean car. Dads are usually the ones that get left with the dirty work when it comes to cars so give yours the treat of a perfectly washed ride and a brand new bucket filled with his favorite car cleaning goodies.

    3. The Spa Treatment

    No I didn’t get this confused with Mother’s day! Some cities have fabulous men’s spas like Sir Spa in Chicago or Holt Renfrew in Vancouver. Treat your dad to a steam facial and classic shave and he’ll feel like a million bucks. Once his treatment’s done scoop him up for a nice lunch on a patio and spend some time catching up with pops.

    4. Dad's Favorite Meal

    A home cooked meal is a classic and affordable way to thank Dad for all the heavy lifting (and in my case chair painting) that he helps with. Give him a break from the BBQ, pass him a cold one and grill up some steaks!

    5. A Framed Memory

    I know you guys have heard me talking about how much I love framed keepsakes in my Mother’s Day post and also my art post, but I’m bringing it up again because frankly, it’s a wonderful gift! Try framing a map of a city you visited with your dad, a newspaper article about him, photos from his past, or cool trinkets that remind you of your Dad. To make the gift more masculine go for a darker, more rustic frame.

    6. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    If you’re like me you might not have known this either, but item of the month clubs are huge! There’s an awesome variety of clubs on the internet and some dad proof favorites might include: jerky of the month, cigar of the month, sirloin of the month, coffee of the month or wine of the month. I love this idea because Dad will be reminded every month just how much you love him as he enjoys his monthly delivery of grade A Beef. This website has some good options if you need a starting point!

    7. A Getaway

    Okay, I’m stealing this one from Mother's Day again, but a trip is a lovely gift. Maybe you can’t afford a flight anywhere, but surprise dad by loading up the car with a picnic or even camping gear. Bring the whole family and have everything done beforehand so dad just needs to jump in the vehicle and go!

    And, more important than all of the above: be sure to show your dad some love and thank him for everything he does!

    What are you getting your pops for father’s day? And if you’re a Dad, what’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

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