• Apr 25

    Welcome to My New Online Home!

    April 25, 2011 • 8:44 am



    I’ve been working on this site for you for a while. The new JillianHarris.com is now a lot more than just photos of past work and a blog every month or so! Ironically, with all the tweeting and Facebooking that goes on, I still felt like I had so much more to share with all of you.


    So— Ta-Da : Behold my new fabulously informative & interactive site.


    Over the last few years, I feel that not only have you come to know me, but I have really come to know many of you as well. I’m so grateful that the community that surrounds me is fun, playful, inquisitive & friendly.


    I wanted this site to reflect that. Here, I’ll be posting answers to questions I keep getting asked. Here are some of the things you’ve been asking me:


    • How do you make a chalkboard?
    • Please share your Poutine recipe — and what the heck is Poutine anyway?
    • Please Jilly, tell me where that sweater you wore on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is from?
    • …and my favorite: I want to be an interior designer. Where do I start?


    And I’m going to answer them right here. Everyday, your questions inspire me to do better, design better, dress better & love better — so I thank you for this big smile on my face.


    Let me know what other questions you’d like me to answer. This is your site as much as mine and together we can make it into a place where we can put design with personality in our lives. So, ask away! I’m all ears!


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