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Creamy Limoncello Zipzicles

Has anyone ever wondered how to make portable homemade freezies or pops?!?!? I am IN LOVE with my Zipzicle Ice-Pop pouches…they are the ultimate summertime must have!!!! You can literally make any cocktail, mocktail, maybe even some fresh pressed juice, pour it into the zipzicles, freeze, and enjoy!! Such an easy way to have a little treat after dinner!!

Zipzicles2 [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:90] Zipzicles3 Zipzicles4 Zipzicles5 Zipzicles6 Zipzicles7

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To make your own recipe, you can buy Zipzicles here!

What recipe would you love to try using Zipzicles? Any go-to popsicle recipes you’d like to share???


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  1. Hey there, would there be anything I could substitute the Limoncello with? Something non alcoholic?

  2. I love your website. I love anything lemon, but I wonder if you have a typo with the amount of lemon juice. I just made these and they are crazy, crazy puckery tart and the recipe made 11 freezer pops instead of 6. I’m going to attempt making them again with half or a third of the lemon juice.

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