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The End of an Era: No More White Kitchens

HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS!!!! Yes … you read that right!!! Can you freakin believe it?!?! I think I’m still in shock over this … I THINK I’m officially done with white kitchens. I’m not saying I’ll never do a white kitchen again … but three months ago I thought the only colour a kitchen should be is white. Actually … for the past 7 YEARS, I thought the only colour a kitchen should be white.  I don’t even recognize myself anymore you guys … WHO AM I?!?! I literally just said this to Francesca “My HEART is trembling and my skull is cracking. like how the earth felt when the dinosaurs died. Whatever happened then, is how my body feels about all of these feels of no more white!!” LOL … okay, that’s a bit dramatic but actually I plan to buy myself a new countertop from Floform’s webpage, they have wide selection of different kitchen countertops.

I can’t believe I’m actually typing this BUT my prediction for 2017 is LESS white (some of you are probably singing HALLELUJAH) and replacing it with more greys, blues, blacks … colour … PEOPLE … COLOUR!!!! You heard it here first! LOL!

Now that I’ve admitted my dirty little secret, it’s time for me to crack down and do some research … if I’m not doing a white kitchen … what will I do?! At this very moment, I THINK I’m doing a GREY KITCHEN … I’m beyond nervous you guys. AND what do I do with my laundry room?? This was also going to be white as well (surprise, surprise) … do I do it grey too?? Or blue?? What if this is just a weird phase? What if I wake up in the morning and I’m over it and want my WHITE EVERYTHING back?? Can you tell I’m freaking out? … I need to know your thoughts on this!! I need all of the insight I can get here!!

Alright … while I continue my battle with this, I want to show you my top 10 favourite kitchens that I’ve been pulling inspiration from!!
jillian-harris-kenny-and-michelle-renovation-3 jillian-harris-kitchen-inspo-2jillian-harris-new-kitchen-inspoOehlenschlægersgade 60, 6tv. 1663 Kbh.V. +45 40822786 jillian-harris-kitchen-inspo-7 jillian-harris-kitchen-inspo-8 jillian-harris-kitchen-inspo-11 jillian-harris-new-kitchen-colourjillian-harris-new-kitchen-colour-3jillian-harris-new-kitchen-colour-2jillian-harris-new-kitchen-colour-4jillian-harris-new-kitchen-colour-5Photo Credit: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Well, what do you think of the bomb I just dropped?? Be honest you guys … let me know your thoughts!!!



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    1. I LOVE the 5th pic down from top!! Not white, but enough of a color that will work with tons of other colors for that “pop” effect!! …. I agree with others that my white kitchen was a constant clean up as well, but they do look pretty for sure.

    2. Hey, just came across this post about white kitchens. I have been in an opposite color progression as you Jill! 8 years ago yes, last 5 years everything shades of grey. Lol and now that we’re renovating our forever house i want a white kitchen! But I’ve never done just white walls before. Can you tell me your favorite go to white for kitchens and living rooms? There’s so many whites

  1. First picture for sure!! Good balance of white, saturated blue, gold and wood. Timeless with some life. I love it!!

  2. Nooo! You were my inspiration for white decor, now what will I do? Seriously though, I think I like the white kitchen pics best. The white uppers with black lowers was my 2nd fav.

  3. Love the grey! And also love the blue, the green, the black. White is good, but I have found its really only great when its brand new or if no one uses the kitchen. Love the color in the flooring setting off the color in the cabinets. I think it really depends on the kitchen, and size and the light coming in. My kitchen is white, but my kitchen is small and the cabinets and appliances just kind of blend around the room, and doesn’t close in the space. Color is always great!

  4. I would still consider these white kitchens, but with accent colours! Just my opinion! Love them all!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Nooo!!! I just quoted my powder White kitchen from Merit, because you inspired me! LOL now i’m second guessing myself 🙂 – Airianna

  6. DYING for that white kitchen with lower charcoal cabinets and gold hardware. Incredibly stylish and still clean and modern looking. Love.

  7. I love a white kitchen!! It’s so timeless and elegant, easy to transition the seasons; I feel like the greys and blues, while beautiful, may just be a fad. If I had to choose, I like the subtle grays! You’ve always done white for a reason! It always works

  8. I love all white everything, maybe a little grey as an accent colour. But my gut is white white white!! 🙂 – Hilary

    1. I totally agree! I have brown or what they call chocolate maple (whatever that means) cupboards and to be honest, I wish they were white now. 🙁 White goes with anything and brightens up a room.

  9. Hallelujah! Three kids ages 7, 9, 11. Do you know how hard it is to keep white clean? Colored cabinetry on the bottom is definitely the way to go. Thank you!

  10. Obsessed with black and brass accents lately. Also love white of course but colour is always great!! As long as you have lots of natural/wood accents I think you can’t go wrong!! Good luck, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  11. I think change is good, so long as you’re having fun! I will buckle up and follow you on this ride…….I can’t wait! Glenda ?

  12. Over the years I have had white cabinets, pale green cabinets, cherry cabinets and golden oak cabinets. 6 years ago I went back to white cabinets with a dark island. It is the only set of cabinets I have not gotten tired off. I still <3 them.

  13. Blue all the way!! My hubby and I just finished building our house in Kelowna last year and he HATES white kitchens! Can you believe it!!??? I mean who doesn’t like white kitchens?! I was forced to come up with an alternative solution…. So I decided on blue/grey cabinets, brushed gold hardware and white countertops and backsplash. I couldn’t be happier!!! I love love love how it all turned out and would definitely recommend anything in the blue/grey family!

  14. I think do lowers in a colour and uppers in white (or open shelving). It’s a perfect compromise! Can’t wait to see your new house – whatever you choose will be jaw dropping, for sure!

  15. I would be tired of the colour within 3 months. I do it when I paint my walls a dark colour. White is safe, goes with everything and is fresh! I currently have pine cupboards since we bought this little cottage 11 years ago and I’m dreaming of white cupboards.

  16. I love my kitchen, may I send you a photo! Ps My daughter is living in Kelowna now, going to UBCO and wants to go into designing too.

  17. We just built a new house and I have white cabinetry, with white quartz counters, and a royal blue island and I LOVE it! The blue breaks up the white without being overwhelming, and it keeps my kitchen from being too “vanilla”. And if I ever get tired of the blue, it’s a lot less work to repaint the island, than all the other cabinetry.

  18. What if you did half and half? Keep the top white and the bottom a subtle or a statement colour, you get the best of both worlds!! And I LOVE THE GOLD HANDLES! So sexy!!

  19. Love it Jilly.
    My personal opinion is that as long as it’s still BRIGHT, you will love it. The black lowers are super classic and still bright. My opinion with pulling colour in is to keep it neutral and you can still balance it out with your “safety whites” lol. Aaaand if you feel a bit over sayyyy the light blue or those gorgeous green cabinets, they’re neutral enough you can freshen it up with a fun different colour or vase, flowers, tea towels, or plates and glasses in open shelving.
    Opinions from the peanut gallery.
    Ultimately with your design experience and resources there is no way you can go wrong.
    Stoked for you and excited to see what you guys decide on!!

  20. I would stay with the white for uppers for sure and maybe a light grey island. Think your going to hate all the color sooner than you think!! Don’t do it!! Lol

  21. I love the grey these days! And I’m loving the brass hardware as well which I never would have seen coming!! Everything old is new ladies, hold on to your banana clips and leg warmers!

  22. We just built and it was a tough decision deciding on a colour. We went with two neutral two tone! Grey bottoms and white uppers, it looks fantastic. Good luck and can’t wait to see wgat you picked out!

  23. LOVE the wild tile in the blue one. I was hoping you’d declare the brown cabinets and baltic brown granite in my just-purchased house as IN but no such luck. lol Don’t worry. It’s being dealt with and this provides lots of inspiration!

  24. Hahaha! This is awesome! I do agree with you though, white is out and colour is making a statement. I even noticed that at IKEA….that’s right IKEA…it’s mostly colour cabinets…not much white! I really like the deep blue and grey together!

  25. Definitely keep the white! White goes with ANYTHING and you can always accent it with another color. I have chocolate maple (whatever that means) cupboards and I now wish they were white. 🙁 White brightens up a room.

  26. Hello!

    I would LOVE grey and need to repaint my cupboard (can’t afford new …my 5 kids come 1st) but my kitchen floor are the 12x 24 grey tiles. What to do? My kitchen counter is stuck in the 80s and is speckled baby blue which is going to change in the spring. Just not sure what colour. Any recommendations?


  27. Love it!!! Lol….We have light grey upper cabinets and the lower ones are dark espresso on the one side and then the dark espresso from floor to ceiling on the other wall. We have a white grainte countertops. It looks amazing. We get so many compliments.

  28. I would say two tone, that’s my dream. Don’t move off white completely it’s still amazing. Whites and greys all the way!!

  29. What is it that designers always say: paint is the cheapest and easiest thing to change? If you paint the cupboards grey and you don’t like them, you can always paint them white again! Some of those tile floors, however, are a bit more of a committment! 😀
    I’ll always love a white kitchen (so clean!), but the feature image of the pale grey with the gold hardware is mighty appealing.

  30. We just did our kitchen and I actually pinned the same picture with the dark grey/black cabinets as I was thinking to add colour to our kitchen. Ultimately, we went with a grey island instead of the other cabinets because I was afraid that in 3 or 5 or 7 years, I would hate it. That being said, and even though I’ll be mad at myself for saying it (cause I will want to copy you but won’t be able to), throw some colour in there girl! Be BOLD! You only live once 😉

  31. I have always loved that olive green kitchen you did for LOLV. It was stunning. Good on you for switching it up!

  32. Jillian, if you plan on having more children, STRONGLY CONSIDER darker colored lower cabinets. 🙂 I have 3 teenagers and 2 littles, a messy husband, and pets. I have better things to do than wipe down the cabinets constantly! I am currently loving my white-from-the-waist-up rule in my house. Things are bright at eye level, but more durable, darker neutrals where it counts (cabinets and floors). I love the kitchen you shared with the black lowers and brass hardware–it’s still gorgeous, bright, and sophisticated, but the black and brass make it warm and homey, too. Blue in your laundry room would be beautiful. Seriously, boys are rough on the equipment, best to embrace it so you’re not mad all the time at their mess! <3

  33. Grey cabinets will get just as dirty as white ( I know, because mine are a grey/taupe)….BUT…..they are GORGEOUS. The rest of my kitchen is white- the back splash, the quartz counter top…. the floor is white with a little grey marble.. the kitchen it is my sanctuary. I think a little pop of colour will compliment your neutrals beautifully!

  34. I always wanted a white kitchen too, but recently I’ve seen more that aren’t white – but colored.
    I love the blues – even though I’m not a huge fan of blue. Grey is great too. Maybe if you’ve wanted white so bad go white on top and colored or grey on the bottom. Then if you wake up one day and want the white back you only have to redo half the kitchen.. haha ?

  35. Love the lower charcoal, Carrara and brass. Not the last one…the one up a few. Whatever ya choose, it will be gorge.

  36. While the colorful kitchens look great, I always think to the future and ask myself, will I be in love with that blue (or green etc…) 2, 3,4 years from now? Likely not. I am a firm believer in classic so would go with white or soft grey like in picture #2. While some say it’s easy to change the color, when it comes to cabinetry it’s a pain in the arse!

  37. Ahhhhhh so refreshing. I have NEVER liked white kitchens. They felt so operating roomy with so little character and so cold. I love color and it’s so warm and inviting and cozy. So pumped to see what you end up with!

  38. Personally I am still in favour of the all white or white/grey/black combo. I think it will make life easier when you want to change things up and add different pops of colour. It’s easier to change paint and art than it is to change cabinetry. Although they do look fantastic, I don’t think I could be happy with the blues for more than a few years.

  39. We just built a new house. I did all my cabinets in BM Kendall Charcoal (including the island) I went with white subway tiles for back-splash and a counter top that has a white base but is marbled with grey, black and just a touch of a soft brown. It gives the kitchen lightness and a pop of interest for sure.

  40. I’m currently loving navy and white kitchens, like a few of the pictures you posted! I don’t think it’s a phase, and I definitely don’t think you will regret it if you do something other than white. A good compromise would be to do upper cabinets white, and lower cabinets in a color. Or perhaps just the island?! I’ve been noticing more and more that white is heading out and color is coming in! I love it!!!

  41. I’m still a white kitchen girl… we just built our house… I did do a soft grey island which I love now but hope I don’t tire of it. I guess we can always paint it. For me, white is just so fresh, clean and timeless…. especially in a kitchen !

  42. I think the addition of a colour on the bottom cabinets or an island is okay… but I think a full-on colour kitchen will date and u’ll grow tired of it… white is timeless!…

  43. Funny Jillian!!! We are building 2 specs in Kettle Valley and my own house in The Ponds right now. My husband keeps telling me “white is out!!” For 6 weeks we’ve had this debate……”Don’t do the kitchens in white Heather.” One house is a white perimeter and dark island already and I have yet to choose the colours for the other houses. I was thinking dark grey, gold hardware and gold lights……by my heart is racing too. Eeeeek!

  44. We just did a kitchen with the grey/green/blue cabinets with silver hardware, neutral other finishes. The property sold very quickly!

  45. I would start slow. The white upper cabinets and a pewter lower cabinet? I personally would tire of bright blue very quickly.

  46. Nothing wrong with white IMO, as long as it’s not white on white on white! Balance. I painted my kitchen cabinets ivory a few years back, with the idea in mind that they can always be repainted yellow, or blue of green if I get tired on the white. It’s not a forever decision. And i totally think you should do the laundry room blue. Why not make it a little bit fun?!

  47. I see coloured cabinets as much of a phase as coloured toilets and bathtubs… will date quickly! I for one am a sucker for Navy and White together, and as much as I love that look in a kitchen/living room combo, keeping the foundations neutral leaves endless options for your decor in any style and taste! I very seriously though about a coloured island but I just can’t do it knowing how often I get bored of one colour and one look!

  48. Yay colour! I always like the look of greys, but actually living with it makes me feel cold and less cozy! I prefer cream off white cabinets to keep it bright and fresh but still on a warm color spectrum. Adding subtle colour is great through an island or even a ceiling colour!

  49. I say go with what you like! I am doing pale grey (oyster) cabinets that kind of look white but a dark grey island. Don’t be afraid of change. Our tastes change over time. Love the pic you posted third from the bottom. Good luck!

  50. We built our house last year wanted to a white or cream country style kitchen but worried it would be a fad. We went with a beautiful espresso colour for our cabinets and love it. It is so timeless and transitional.

  51. I love my white kitchen but it is broken up a bit with black cornue fe stove with copper accents and a sheet copper backsplash which I love.

  52. It is exciting to have an opportunity to create a new kitchen landscape. I just went through it myself. I discovered that there were so many possibilities and I had the opportunity to transform myself, to get outside of my comfort zone.. and then it hit me…. but I love myself… and my comfort zone is classic, warm, inviting, neat and tidy.. so “I” was the inspiration of my kitchen design. and I love my social concept living kitchen plan that is full of natural light…. I love it because it speaks of me… and my friends love it because they see it as an extension of me. So go white or go colour Jillian… just be true to your bliss and you won’t go wrong.

  53. Couldn’t agree more! I used the 2nd picture here as an inspiration for our kitchen about 4 years ago and have been so happy with the navy & white. We are looking for a new house and I am gravitating more and more towards a classic color (other than my go-to white) for our next kitchen as well!!

  54. Jill, I don’t actually think you’re stepping too far out of your comfort zone, to be honest! In the majority of your inspo pics there is still heaps of white: white subway tile, white countertops, white light fixtures… And I’m positive that your space will have loads of natural light. Plus you could always keep the upper cabs white so you don’t stress out about so much non-white colour ?
    Your esthetic is always so on-point that I have no doubt you will decide on something both stunning and timeless, whether white or not! Go with what catches your eye and remember: cabinets can always be painted in the future. Goodluck!

  55. My kitchen is mostly white right now. The pictures you’ve posted are beautiful. They speak of your style, I don’t think you can go wrong with paint, it can always be changed

  56. Love the all white but it’s just overdone now. We’re moving in the summer and I’m going with greys/whites for the kitchen – classic for us. LOVE the inspo pics, especially the lighter blue tones, how cool are they! (the 2nd to last one is sweet – minus the overly busy tiled floor). Navy is always a unique, head-turning colour too. Good luck and good for you!

  57. Ok, so I’ve had a burning question for a while now. This seems like a good time to ask it. HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH WHITE IN YOUR HOME WITH A DOG?! We have 3 dogs but even back when we only had 1 I couldn’t imagine having white floors, white furniture, white bed linens. Everything would be ruined!
    We currently have white kitchen cabinets with grey counters and blues for the backsplash and walls.

  58. I tore our a pic of a super dark teal kitchen…lowers only. I was speechless…beyond gorgeous! Brass pulls against dark teal! Wow!

  59. White is so classic, I will never ever tire of it! As much as I loved some of those kitchens (ie. contrasted lower cabinets, fun hardware) – I know I will wake up one day, like you suggested, and want the white back!!! I love to inject colour in other ways, like textiles, dishes, accessories and flowers. I say, If it’s not broke, don’t fix it 🙂

  60. I like that you’re considering a color for your kitchen, I think it’s a good idea since soon your son will be walking and getting his finger prints every where. My favorite pictures are 3 and 5. I like the idea of white or oatmeal on top and grey on the bottom.

  61. I like the light grey cabinets and I even like the lower cabinets being black (when paired with a light stone countertop and backsplash) but I don’t think I would do green or blue in my kitchen…I feel like I would get sick of it too quickly. I love the idea of blue in the laundry room though!

  62. I can’t believe it ??we have been planning a kitchen Reno love ❤️ your style however I keep get drawn to white & indigo kitchen with (gasp) gold hardware still 75 percent white but I want dark bottom our last kitchen was kitchen Kraft grey we loved it that’s still an option ! Can’t wait too see your new kitchen!

  63. I can’t believe it! But totally understand once Leo can crawl that white would not be so white anymore!!! We r remodeling our kitchen in a few years and I have no clue what to do….. we r remodeling right now/this spring, adding a master bathroom new bathroom, laundry room and front entry with closet…. plz can I get your opinion? I have no clue what to paint the walls in my entryway? My husband likes dark but most my house is dark I want something that will brighten up the place what’s your thoughts? Also we r doing white cabinets n dark grey walls for our laundry room!

  64. Boo, I LOVE your white kitchens!! I especially love white with brass/gold hardware. Don’t forget about us white kitchen lovers 🙂

  65. I still love white kitchens, but I love the light grey cupboards! I think colour is beautiful, but a lot of the time colour will go out of style (just think about pink/blue toilets and bathrooms back in the days!)

  66. Light grey! Still get the fresh look. My last kitchen was all white and it looked amazing but was a constant job to keep clean. 🙂

    1. We just painted our cabinets white with navy lowers on the island. Paired with chrome and gold hardware throughout the living space, it’s clean with just enough personality!

  67. Hello Jillian – first let me tell you that I am a HUGE fan! I love your show, your blog and your fashion pics on Instagram! I purchased a Lake House in 2015 – a major fixer upper – we literally stripped to the studs inside and out – I had my cabinet makers paint my island Bemjamin MooreNewburyport Blue and I LOVE it! My main cabinets are Cloud White. If I ever get sick of the blue it is a quick fix to redo my island. Go for the colour! You won’t regret it!

  68. Jilly,

    Sometimes I’m over the white too, however I like to c a two color kitchen, that’s when I wouldn’t
    Mind the white on the top, with some open shelves n or glass fronts!

    There’s another blogger that I follow that did a dark navy on the bottom, with the brass pulls
    N knobs, it was stunning, she didn’t put any on the top, it was a small kitchen, n she didn’t want to make it feel
    Smaller. It had lots of awesome light n she had two outstanding lights flanking her farm sink
    that also had the dark navy shades n the hardware was brass, very charming!!

    I’m sure whatever u come up with will b gorgeous, I know it’s more difficult when it’s your own,
    but can’t wait for the finish line, I know you’ll rock it!

    Happy spring (finally)….

  69. I lived with a white kitchen for 20 years and I ended up hating it because white cupboards were high maintenance. They show every speck of dirt! What you want is a classic look, one that will withstand the test of time! Grey may be popular today, but in a year or two it might look dated. Go with something that will look fresh 5 or 10 years from now. Only you know what that is. Good luck with your renovating journey!

  70. Just painted my lower half navy blue… Love it!!! Top are white, would like to change my counter tops to butcher block.. I think you should go for it!!!

  71. Love the green. My bottom cabinets are close to that color now. the top are white; but painted cabinets are so hard to keep clean.

    1. Stick with white cabinets, you can always change wall color but white cabs are classic and timeless!

      1. I saw on your instagram story you went with BM Revere Pewter for your cabinets. I can’t remember now if you said you lightened it by 50% or left it as is. I’m wondering if you could please help me out, can’t seem to find the info on your blog or instagram. Thank you so much!! Your house is so beautiful.

  72. I am so stressed reading this, eekkkk. We are building a new home and have designed an all white kitchen. At this point what can I do to add color now. White cabinets, marble white backsplash and countertops are white. I have always loved color but trying to reign it in with my new build. So….huge question… how do you feel about painting all of the trim in your house a color, such as grey or blue? I’m leaning towards the idea, as well as painting all of the doors in the house grey or blue. Would you paint the trim work and the doors, or just one or the other? I would love your opinion! XOXO!

  73. What flooring did you use for your kitchen? I was watching some snaps yesterday and I’ve been looking everywhere for flooring that was light with wide planks like that, and I loved the one you chose! Can you please post a link of where to find it, or something similar?


  74. As beautiful as some of those colored kitchens are…I’d be cautious, girl! I’d stay white or gray….maybe a colored island. My fear is how you’ll feel about it in a year or two. We are possibly building again too and I’ve been having the same battle about gray or white…will gray become dated???

  75. Hi Jillian, I really love your show on HGTV “Love it or List it Vancouver” and I know my friends in Alberta enjoy watching it too. But, as you know the average person in the lower mainland can’t afford a single detached home. I recently purchased a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in beautiful Port Moody that needs a little work but struggle to find renovation ideas and advice for my home and budget on your website. As your your followers are probably a lot like me, female, professional aged 25 – 50. Would you ever consider a segment on your website or tv show to helping young people create a space they can love even if it’s 1000 square feet?


  76. I have been looking for an inspiration point as I’m building a house in Sage Creek. I want color in my kitchen, sophisticated with an edge, is that a term? Upper cabinets antique white, and splashes of color. Love the gray and blue.

  77. I almost had a heart attack reading the title of this blog post 😛 I have loved white kitchens for as long as I can remember!! It slowed back down when I saw you struggling over it though, so at least it is not 100% run with it idea yet? Haha. I think every inspiration photo you posted was beautiful and would e amazing in any home! However, at the end of the day I always come back to white. I just think it is timeless, and clean, and fresh. We just redid our kitchen and I decided to do ALL white. White cabinets, white counters, and white backsplash, and I LOVE it! But whatever you choose to move forward with, it will look amazing , since all your jobs do!
    Here is my kitchen 🙂

  78. Love your decision to change from white kitchen. I am about to reno a kitchen and really want navy and white!! Now I love the grey as well. Decision, decisions!! Love your work Jillian.

  79. You are an inspiration Jillian! These kitchens have so much character. I honestly never thought I would be swayed from white…until I saw these photos. Thank you!

  80. My kitchen is done in a light salmon and with light blue trim, ocean tile for the floors and light wood cabinets with two having glass doors with a gingerbread man design. blue wave mosaic backslash. I also have a island with storage and marble counter tops. No white for me.

  81. I think you are totally brave Jillian! I also LOVE love love white kitchens, but I’m crushing pretty hard on that grey/gold photo. We have been wanting to update our kitchen/family/laundry room for some time (I’m totally that person on that Ikea AD that constantly talks about our renovation and my friends roll their eyes at me) and for the life of me cannot decide on ANYTHING! With 2 girls, 14 months and 4, I haven’t had much time to really sit down and figure this reno out. If you have any like minded designers you would recommend in Calgary, I would love to hear from you and your team! Of course, I would absolutely adore if you and your team would come to my little house in Arbour Lake, Calgary, but I’ll be totally realistic here and settle for a referral 🙂 Keep those cute photos of Leo coming!

  82. And good riddance. I, for one, won’t miss them because (to me) they looked sterile and cookie cutter alike. I’m a color fiend though.

    1. I don’t like grey or blue. I think it is just a fad that will be out. It is your home. Why are we made to feel like we have to have what is the current fad. Too expensive to keep changing every time they decide to change colors.

      I like white and when I do mine plan to get what I like and not what I feel everyone else is getting. Colors that work for one home may not look as good in another. Look at the whole picture and what colors you have in the rest of your home.

      If you like more color go with it. You will be happy if you get what you like.

  83. “No more white kitchens” has been said before by designers just as it is being said now. However, that never truly happens. White kitchens will never be out of style, passe, off trend, or whatever you wish to call it. White kitchens are classic. I have design books as far back as 1978 attesting to the fact.

  84. When I see white kitchen. I think boring sterile fake and cold. White and comfort food doesn’t go together. Its an unnatural match. I think too bright migraines and constantly wiping.

  85. I pretty much love every single kitchen in this post. Much more beautiful (yet still light and bright) than white cabinets! Can’t go wrong with any of them! I have the old school espresso cabinets with beige swirly granit and travertine backsplash? We did it 8 years ago right before the white craze began. Do I redo my whole kitchen after only 8 years tho? Sigh. What countertops you doing?

  86. I’ve been thinking that the white kitchen movement was a fashion setup with the payoff being more kitchen redos once it was announced that white was a big mistake. Our kitchen, done about 12 years ago is all “neutral” in various ways. It has wooden floors and light wooden maple cabinets, earthtone countertops, earthtone glass backsplash and black with stainless appliances. No blues, green, or reds. Like a home, with homage to earthen and wooden rustic homes, not like a hospital, or should I say a very old fashioned hospital.

  87. Hi Jillian + team! Thanks for sharing so much of your design ideas and inspos, I love love love your style! We are currently redoing our kitchen, I was curious whether you think its crazy to do white cabinets with a grey island, in BM Nimbus. (Clearly, I’m not over the white kitchens yet lol!) Our designer thinks the color contrast isn’t pronounced enough, but I wanted a very light colored kitchen and always worry about choosing a grey that is too dark! Would LOVE your opinion on how you think Nimbus would work in contrast, or whether you agree that we should go a tad darker for the island!

  88. Oh boy does this have my wheels turning. I have a cabinet canumdrom! Just moved into a beautiful home with top of the line cherry kitchen cabinetry. I have loved the white kitchen look, but love gray too.. My problem is that my husband can’t bear the thought of painting these cherry cabinets! I really want to update or modernize the cabinets. Maybe change out the hardware for modern gold? Any suggestions?

  89. I’m so happy someone else is so very tired of white (Shaker style) cabinets in the kitchen. I want to see real wood, with grain and warmth.

  90. I am leaning toward an all black cabinets but can’t seem to make the final decision with confidence. I’m worried it will be too dark or I’ll be sorry. The kitchen is small but there is a large and architecturally beautiful window with an arch that lets in quite a bit of light. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

  91. I have lived the last 20 years with a light maple kitchen I was dying to paint white, but the wood stayed so beautiful the whole time I couldn’t do it. Now we have moved and the kitchen is my dream white! I have to pick new countertops and backsplash but I’m staying with the white cupboards and painting the walls a light grey. A white kitchen will ALWAYS be a beauty to behold, but the pictures of the off-white/grey are very appealing! I especially like the gold handles with the light grey.

  92. I hate white cabinets. They are so ubiquitous where I live that I literally had to buy a new construction semi-custom home so that I could specify something other than white for the cabinets. Every kitchen looks basically the same with minor variations in the cabinet style but ALWAYS white. Boring and cookie cutter. Bring on some color and dare I even suggest it – wood cabinets. I did mine in a very light maple and I love how it looks with a darker wood floor setting them off.

    1. Posters keep referring to the beauty of the “gray” cabinets , and I said to myself, “Gray? I don’t recall gray.” So, I went back and scrolled a few times before I figured out that the first pic, which appears again as one scrolls, is to me “soft mint.” LOL. I love them and as I am about to start a kitchen remodel and haven’t found what I like, I though, “Wow. Wish I had a sofa and club chair that weren’t a warm green because those mint cabinets are wonderful.” I guess my eye is off?

  93. I’m searching for a gray color, similar to 2, 4, & 6 which would look nice with gold hardware. Any suggestions?

  94. I’ve had 3 white kitchens, and while I love the look, I felt like I never stopped cleaning. wood tone hides a lot of dust, splatters and just everyday wear and tear. white kitchens are not for those who aren’t cleaning perfectionists, imho.

  95. I’m in the initial planning stages of updating my kitchen, and am deciding on oyster vs off white and I happened upon this blog post…hilarious. My family has also leaned heavily towards white kitchens, but hopefully we will be branching out soon 🙂

  96. I have always hated white kitchens-BORING! I’m really happy that you are branching out and the kitchens you have shred are gorgeous

  97. We did our kitchen over in 2005 with all new cabinets, granite countertop, stainless appliances and also knocked down a wall and added a large island. I’ve always been into traditional architecture, furniture and decor so I fell in love with a traditional style cabinet door in a natural cherry with a chocolate glaze that settled into all the nooks and crannies and slightly darkened the usually light color of a natural cherry cabinet. We went with a black granite called “Blue Martinique”, and a black and cream harlequin pattern backsplash, and pale yellow walls. I’m still in love with it all after 14 years! What can I say I’m a traditionalist at heart.

  98. Hello Jilly,

    Your pictures of kitchens are lovely. I clicked on a photo of a kitchen, from an email I received from The Spruce “21 ways to style gray kitchen cabinets” which directed me to your site.

    In your pictures on this page the base and upper cabinets are an off white and the island, which is built into a cased opening are gray. Could you tell me the off white color of the base and upper cabinets?

    Thanks for your help.

    Catherine M.

  99. Well, I LOVE it. I too am sick to death of all white kitchens! Put a little color in our lives and make it joyful instead of as sterile- looking as an operating room!

  100. I am all over an off off off white. Something a bit warmer. I’m also leaning towards more stained wood rather than everything painted. A little over the color gray……….but love greens and blues.

  101. Hi, all are beautiful! What are the counters? Quartz? What brand & style? Or are they real marble? They all are gorgeous! What did you use?

  102. No kidding. Many of us have been saying this for years. Glad you caught up!
    PS The next thing that has to go is the faux marble look countertops -been there done that got the T-shirt redid that and got a second T-shirt. So over it. Such a yawn, : )

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