Mushroom Tourtière

For those of you who may not be familiar with a Tourtière, this is a Canadian meat pie dish originating from Quebec which is traditionally served on Christmas eve!

Tourtière is typically made with ground pork or beef and spiced with cloves, cinnamon, and allspice. It’s layered into a buttery, flaky pie crust and absolutely divine when served with ketchup! Well, we got the idea to create a vegan version when we first tasted our “sausage” hand pies! They reminded us so much of Tourtière so we made a note in our calendar to make it for Christmas and here we are!

We could not get over how similar this version is to the real thing. It’s the perfect example of a dish that’s ALL ABOUT the spices, flaky crust, and salty ketchup. It really is what makes the dish so delicious! No meat needed here!!!

We used our favourite meat substitute for this one (just like the hand pies!), MUSHROOMS!! Mushrooms are earthy, meaty, and when seasoned properly can replace meat in a way no other vegetable can!!

You are going to love this recipe! We suggest serving this to your family on Christmas eve for a rich and comforting treat!

Jillian Harris Vegan TourtiereJillian Harris Vegan Tourtiere Jillian Harris Vegan Tourtiere [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:17] Jillian Harris Vegan TourtiereJillian Harris Vegan Tourtiere




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  1. Have you tried making this in advance and freezing it to thaw and cook later? Would you cook from frozen or thaw?


  2. When I saw your tourtieri it reminded me of the mincemeat pies my mother had to have every Christmas. Then I remembered she was born and raised in Michigan, so, of course.

  3. I made this on Christmas and brought to my family’s house for dinner and everyone loved it!! Even the meat eaters:).
    I’ll make this one again for sure!

  4. I love that it is all whole food ingredients. I will certainly make this for my family at Christmas. A keeper!

  5. This was amazing! Everyone loved it! I will definitely use mushrooms again to replace meat in some favourite comfort foods! Thanks so much for the awesome recipes!

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