The Bachelor in Paradise Finale

Hi everyone! Mindy here! If you’re wondering who the heck I am, make sure to go back to the previous Bachelor in Paradise blog and it will all make sense! Lol. First off, apologies for the late Bachelor in Paradise recap blog, we just got back from Hawaii yesterday afternoon and we didn’t get a chance to watch the finale while we were away … because, well, we were too busy soaking up the views and sipping up the Pina Coladas!! Speaking of our Hawaii team trip, make sure to look out for Jillian’s recap coming soon!

So last night, after I finished unpacking and getting my life back together, I tossed on the finale and curled up in bed to watch it! I thought it was such a good episode and I was genuinely surprised by some of the things that happened! Let’s begin with my predictions from my last recap!

Prediction 1

Taylor & Derek: They will get engaged!

I was right about this one!!! YAY!! CONGRATS TAYLOR & DEREK!! This was pretty much a no-brainer if you’ve been following along throughout the whole season. Taylor and Derek hit it off right out of the gate … which I was actually pretty surprised about at first! When he purposed last night to Taylor it left me in tears … I’m SUCH a sucker for romance!! Not only did he sweep Taylor off of her feet with those sweet words but he swept me off mine too!! I’m just sitting here waiting for that to happen to me … anyone?? Anyone?? LOL!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

Prediction 2

Jaimi & Diggy: I think Diggy will be SUPER confused and won’t know what to do but in the end I THINK he might pick Jaimi butttt I don’t know if they would last because I think Diggy is too mellow for her …

Alright!! Two for two!! Diggy TOTALLY liked Jaimi, like A LOT, but you could tell that Jaimi wasn’t that into him! I think she needs a guy that’s a bit edgier and firey!! Someone who will keep her on her toes because she seems to be a little bit of a wild child! I hope they both find someone special because they both totally deserve it!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Prediction 3

Dean & D-Lo: I don’t think this will last … I mean, have you SEEN Becca Tilley’s Instagram?? I know she recently posted not to assume that when she shares a photo of her and a guy that it doesn’t mean they are together (and I should PROBABLY listen to her) but that just made me assume even more. I SWEAR Dean and Becca are an item. Go look … let me know what you think. I’m so curious!! LOL!

Nailed it. Dean and D-Lo certainly DIDN’T last. In fact, Dean really pissed me off (and I’m positive I’m not the only one!!), I couldn’t believe my ears when D-Lo said he was messaging her after the finale and that they also hung out after the show. WTF DEAN?!! All while he was ALSO messaging Kristina. Ugh. This totally grinds my gears. I’m so happy with Kristina and how she handled everything last night and as she put it, “enough is enough”, I hope he takes this experience as a lesson and applies it to his next relationship. Or, maybe he can write a book and title it “What Not to Do in Paradise” …

Jillian Harris Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

Prediction 4

Robby & Amanda: I THINK this is going to end up going somewhere!! He might just propose … he seems pretty smitten but I’m not entirely sure Amanda is there yet … it could be a delayed proposal … or maybe they date first for a while!! 

Well, I couldn’t have been any more wrong about this one! I’m beyond disappointed to hear how Robby treated Amanda. He KNEW that she was worried about getting into a committed relationship and he sort of pushed her into one … only to cheat on her?! That is NOT okay! I know Amanda will find someone special but I think that will happen organically, not on another season of The Bachelor in Paradise.

Jillian Harris Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

Prediction 5

Jack Stone & Christen: I don’t think this one will last … I just can’t see them together forever?? Can you???

Called it. LOL. Poor Jack Stone … he really wants a wife and some babies but he’s just not having any luck scoring with the ladies … I believe in you Jack Stone, it’ll happen … one day … but in the meantime, keep practicing your kissing. LOL.

Jillian Harris Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

Prediction 6

Raven & Adam: Something tells me this is another one that will fizzle out …I HOPE not but I get the feeling it might be. 

I’m soooo happy I was wrong about this one!! They make a REALLY cute couple!! When’s the engagement, Adam?! C’mon, you’ve already met her parents … make it happen! LOL! Can you tell I’m a hopeless romantic and also incredibly impatient?!

Jillian Harris Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

Prediction 7

Lacey & Daniel: Lacey really likes Daniel and I’m not sure if the feeling is 100% mutual butttt they kind of make sense together.

This one speaks for itself. I wasn’t impressed with how Daniel lied to Lacey, that was just downright mean. Get it together, Daniel, you’re making our Canadian boys look bad!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

I know the whole Corinne and DeMario situation has been over talked about but I was really happy to see them both together on the show, I think this was important to help with both of them to move forward. I wish them both the best and hope that this is nightmarish ordeal is completely behind them now!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

That wraps up this season of the Bachelor in Paradise!! Make sure to tune into The Bachelor Canada which premieres Wednesday, October 11th at 9PM (ET/PT) … then Arie’s season will start up this January!!

Until then!



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  1. I was not surprised how it all ended up, you could tell where everything was going to go. However I don’t think Raven & Adam will last. Daniel is just a creepy guy and always has been. Dean just needs to grow up and that will take time. He gets women too easy cuz he is so good looking and sweet but very IMMATURE. Bachelor Nation has flogged the Corinne and Mario thing to death – enough! All about CYA.

    Ari – going to give that a pass. Rich, high profile, good looking guy who can get anyone he wants anytime he wants – not interested.

  2. After this season I kind of love Jack Stone. He seems fairly normal (especially for Bachelor standards) and sincere. I’m glad he didn’t end up with Christen though. Sorry girl, but you drove me nuts! LOL. She made good TV but seemed sooooo ditzy! 😛

    And can we PLEASE talk about the horrendouslyawkward/hilarious way Taylor and Derek talked about having sex?!? I hope most of it was tongue-in-cheek, because otherwise it was just. SO. BAD. I was laughing, but also cringing so hard.

    And honestly, I couldn’t care less about the Bachelor. The Bachelorette is ALWAYS more fun to watch: 1. The Bachelorettes are *way* smarter with the guys they choose. 2. The girl drama on the Bachelor hurts my brain. 😉

  3. There were really no surprises at the finale. What I expected would happen did happen. Was disappointed that Dean ended up making himself look even worse! (as did Daniel), but on the plus side, the engagement was delightful, and if they, and Raven and Adam, end up getting married down the road, it may turn out to be the most successful Paradise season yet. That would be very surprising considering how far from interesting this season was!

  4. I think it’s safe to say that this entire Bachelor in Paradise season was a complete and utter flop. Everything was annoying. And if I hear the word “scallop” one more time, I might snap. Nothing about that scallop fingers situation was even remotely comical and yet it was brought up over, and over, and over again. It was obvious that they were struggling for entertaining material this season. Ughhhhhh.

  5. I think Derek and Taylor are one of the most genuinely happy couples to come out of any of the Bachelor shows. She CANNOT stop smiling whenever he is around. It is the cutest and he is just as smitten. I actually think they’ll end up getting married and usually I’m pretty cynical about the future of any couple coming off these shows.

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