A girl’s gotta eat!!! My favorite foods are comforting, salty and hearty to the bone. Having transitioned to a more plant-based diet over the past few years, I’ve been constantly trying to recreate some of my favourite dishes without compromising on flavour! Here you’ll find my favourite recipes for every occasion. Not sure where to start? Try Justin’s Kale Caesar salad and you’ll never want to buy store bought dressing ever again!



Reader Favorites in Food


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Hello lovely readers! My name is Timothy Pakron, from the blog Mississippi Vegan, and I am so thrilled to be here today. When Jillian and her team asked me if I would like to contribute some recipes to the blog, I squealed with delight! Jilly and I have been Instagram friends for a few years now […]

Homemade Peach Hey'alls

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Hey Y’all (pun intended … LOL)! A couple of weeks ago,  a few of us were over at Jillian’s for a shoot, and we really wanted to test out a homemade version of Hey Y’alls. If you haven’t heard of these delicious Summer drinks, then you’re in for a treat, but don’t drink too many […]

The Best Cherry Recipes to Try Out This Summer

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Even though cherry season at our house has finally come to an end (bring on the peaches!!), that sure doesn’t mean we have run out of cherries to consume! That’s right, we made sure to pick, pit, and freeze as many as we could so we could savour them for longer! So, knowing that I […]

Vegan Strawberries and Cream Pie Recipe

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Hi everyone! It’s Bailey here from Basics With Bails with another delicious recipe! It’s finally starting to feel like summertime!! What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful summer Strawberries & Cream Pie?! Last week I was super inspired to create another simple dessert … but I wanted it to be a little fancy! I wanted to […]

Outdoor Dining Room Set-Up

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A couple of weeks ago, Marilyn Denis reached out to me about taking part in a fun Summer segment on her show! Of course, I jumped at the chance and after some planning, the girls and I prepared the cutest alfresco tablescape! Ps. For those of you out there who didn’t catch the live segment, […]

Vegan Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

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Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favourite movies ever! I’ve probably watched it about 10 times and could watch it well over another 10 times. My favourite part of the movie is when they make their fried green tomatoes, they look so crispy and salty and have always made my mouth water! I decided one […]

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As most of you know I have jumped on the sourdough bandwagon and it’s here to stay… until something else comes along, that is! LOL! Over the last couple of weeks on the blog, I have shared how to build a sourdough starter, my favourite sourdough discard recipes, and my sourdough recipe. I felt that […]


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