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Our Second Cookbook: Fraiche Food, Fuller Hearts

Four years ago, my and Tori’s dream came true when we launched our first cookbook Fraiche Foods, Full Hearts… and thanks to the overwhelming love our first cookbook received, today I am OVER THE MOON excited to announce that we are releasing our SECOND cookbook Fraiche Foods, Fuller Hearts available now for PRE-ORDER!!

Tori and I, as you all know, are cousins… but we were really raised like sisters. And all of those years of growing up together filled with family gatherings and celebrations resulted in A LOT of incredible recipes… too many recipes for just one cookbook if you ask our publishers, LOL!

We are keeping the contents of this cookbook pretty tight-lipped… which is really hard for me because I’m SO EXCITED to share all about it… but here’s what I can share: from this cookbook you can expect another made-to-love cookbook with recipes our family cherishes. The recipes are so full of joyful memories and made to serve at celebrations. There’s no denying this cookbook is going to be a staple in our kitchens, and we hope it will be in yours too!!

Now, the cookbook doesn’t actually hit store shelves until September 19th… (we know! The anticipation! We can’t wait either!!), but be sure to pre-order the new cookbook now so you can be amongst the first to receive it! You can pre-order the book at any North American retailer! Check out all of the retailers below:


Canadian Retailers

The Jilly Box | | Indigo | Shop Local


American Retailers

The Jilly Box | Amazon | Barnes & Nobles